Wood Furniture For Dining Area

Rounded Banquette Seating In Your Dining Room

Banquettes are usually expected to be seen in a bar or on someone’s terrace, but almost never inside the house. Seating booth design is a matter of taste but most often people choose couches, sofas or armchairs. Although, a banquette can become a perfect choice for optimization of space in the kitchen. In some sense this piece is something between…

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Crown Molding Shoe Storage

Small Shoe Storage Cabinets For Your Living Room

When the spring comes it is time for cleaning. When it becomes warmer, every person wants to forget about the winter and to scrub all the dust away. After the work is done and every cranny and nook in your home was cleaned and straightened and dusted, often there is still one problem that frustrates each and everyone.

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POLaRT Bold Pieces To Decorate

Classic Baroque In Modern Style Furniture Design

POLaRT is the Mexico- and US-based company that creates French baroque style furniture that may be described with different characteristics, but nobody will never say that their pieces are dull or boring. Exciting mixture of colors and unique designs results in a great variety of furniture pieces, from which any person will find at least one to take home.

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