Extraordinary Tree Stump Furniture Ideas for Modern Interior

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Some people think taking a tree stump and bringing it at home could be called as extraordinary furniture. Actually, this could serve as a stool or a side table and will look charming and nice, but it is wrong. If you do want to add some extraordinary design to your apartment choose one in this article. Each of them is a result of strange and intriguing project that transform usual tree stumps into original works of art.

How to Make a Tree Stump Project

  1. One for the most famous creators of unique stools from wooden logs is Belgian designer Kaspar Hamacher. He uses unusual method to get the desired tree inspired furniture. The stools are made by setting a log on fire. These burnt away sections create the log and then it begins to look as a stool. The designer also strips the bark, so in the end the clean and artistic form will appear. This project has a name Ausgebrannt – it means “burnt out” in German.
  2. Speaking about seating units created from wood stumps it is necessary to talk about nice benches and stools combine wood and metal with seamless manner. This design is created by Hilla Shamia and calls as Wood Casting. Elements used for this project are created by inserting lengths of an indoor tree trunk in a mould and filling gaps with molten metal elements.
  3. Series combined from side tables and stools made from wood and resin calls as the Undergrowth Collection. For the project the designer uses logs for creating pieces and are retrieved from the undergrowth near Italian Dolomite mountains, besides they are made in resin in a combination of a bark and native plants. Thus, the beauty of material is preserved and saved to admire the visitors and to be appreciate in the future.
  4. Bleu Nature – another interesting and original collection. It contains of acrylic glass and burnt wood trunks that make unique and original stools or side tables. Such an every stump is surrounded by acrylic glass, then it is cutting, sanding, polishing by hand. As a result we have transparent design which will show the beauty of every piece of wood.
  5. The typical furniture becomes the art when designers try to come up new concepts, use new materials realized in interesting and unusual ways, thus, focusing on highlighting the natural beauty. One of these creators who make beautiful and original designs is Marc Englander. He created series of furniture with interesting designs, one of those looks like a table where the top slices a wood stump in two parts and becomes embedded into the cedar tree furniture.
  6. Stump is simply name of quirky stool which has a raw and unfinished look, thus it emphasizes the natural beauty of a tree trunk that is used as a material for every model. Each chair is made from a green wood tree trunk. Everybody knows that wood ages and dries, this material splits and cracks appear there to make every stool unique and beautiful. Chairs are created from ash and maple, and they differ by smooth finish without stains and paints. Of course, they could be customized but it will take away the whole symbolism.
  7. A cute chair that looks like a trunk is called Hug. It is handcrafted and has a colorful rope handle that helps a user to easy take it and to move. Besides, this method gives the playful look to a stump. This design is created by Emo Design and every stool is unique and made from irregular and worn piece of furniture.
  8. There are also many tree stump furniture ideas that focus on saving the wood and it will demonstrate the natural beauty, and designers do not use stains or paint. Wooden logs looks like colorful sculptures and the collection is created by Judith Seng.

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