How To Choose Wood Affordable Counter Stools For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Counter Table Set

In this article we will give answers to the most frequently asked questions about counter height stools. How do bar and such wood chairs differ? What do customers need to know before purchasing it for their kitchen?

If soon you are going to shop for affordable counter stools, we will give you the most important information, which will help you to buy the best one.

Is There Any Difference Between Kitchen Counter Height Stools and Bar Chairs?

At first sight, these two types of chairs may seem to be absolutely the same, but actually there are several important differences between them. First of all, they differ by the purpose and function. All kitchen counter height stools are lower than bar ones. This visual difference may seem simple and easy to see, but there are several measurement rules which you should know before going to shop for them – counter ones are usually not higher than 24-26 inches. These items will fit any table that is not higher than 39 inches.

Kitchen Counter Height Stools

Other Rules For Choosing Wicker Counter Height Stools

Before buying any type of chairs, the first thing to remember about is correct measurements. Besides the above mentioned sizes, take into consideration the necessary clearance between your legs and the table. For comfortable seating, normally, it is needed 9 to 12 inches.

Do not forget to measure the length of your table to correctly count how many pieces you can place there so that each person will feel comfortable sitting there. To do that measure the distance from the center of one chair, to the center of the piece next to it. Usually, the maximally comfortable spacing is about 30 inches.

Modern Stylish Outdoor Black Bar Stools

Truly, there are dozens of possible designs and colors. You can choose wood or metal counter height stools to fit them into any interior. Different shapes of wicker counter height stools will be a great option if you want to add some cozy rustic atmosphere to the room.

Important! Do not forget about the footrests when choosing between colorful counter stools. It is hard to imagine that someone will feel comfortable when sitting on it with legs, hanging without support.

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