9 Amazing Kitchen Examples After Renovating in Country House

Large modern kitchen has something magic that attracts family members and friends.

Amazing kitchen has modern techniques, high-quality materials, very trendy elements and even more. Kitchens have something magic that attracts family members and friends, mostly when it is unique and stylish.

If all people want to be there, this is a particular space where everyone will see some improvements and new elements. There are so many various things for this room you may find at a store, so it is very easy to create a really amazing kitchen design. Here you will find many great ideas that will make you buy something for your home as well.

9 Original Ideas for Amazing Kitchen Remodel

Comfortable Modern Amazing Kitchen

Try to avoid clichéd details when it comes to choosing one of kitchen design themes. Just leave a defined space in an open plan. Even if your kitchen is too small, you will a lot of work space or everything that a professional cook needs. A surface in waterfall style adds additional flair like the edges wooden shelves also. Original elements everywhere complete modern style that differs from other ordinary kitchens.

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Modern Victorian Amazing Kitchen

There are some interiors that were Victorian at first but after a renovating, these interiors are far from the original structure. Light kitchen looks minimalistic and fits a living room with an open view. This is a nice background for natural wooden seating, a trendy black rung ladder that helps to reach upper cabinets. This interior decision demonstrates that white is perfect color as a base.

The Island

Of course, the island is a central piece of any kitchen, but you can do it more unique and functional. For instance, an island can confine visual details because all walls are with sleek cupboards. A sink, cooktop, unblock shelves, wooden surface for cooking and dining room are placed at the center of the room. This looks cool and original.

Futuristic Amazing Kitchen

Some people prefer to travel from contemporary world to the futuristic one, a kitchen shows this passion. This smart kitchen design includes angular elements in black color that look dramatic on a white kitchen. Underlighting is needed to highlight the cabinetry or other kitchen details. A rectangle inset is needed to include necessary cooking units, a refrigerator.

Gorgeous Green

Your kitchen could be gorgeous green with clean lines and versatile elements. If an apartment is small, then you must put on everything needed in a kitchen by using the island that can be a dining table as well with chairs near it. Blue cabinetry and upper accent fit natural wood perfectly and green glace tile as well, so you have cozy feeling room.

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Small and Simple Amazing Kitchen

When you have a small available place it is needed to add just very important details. A kitchen should fit into a small zone that becomes a part of the bigger area. Designers propose to apply a few cabinetries to save a look clean, leave walls open without some cabinets or other keeping to keep a feeling of open space. Paint exposed girders in orange color to catch a guest’s attention.


Another interesting way of farmhouse kitchen remodel is making cabinets of real wood without any handles. A dining table may visually divide this zone. Also, you may use a table as a dining table and cooking space as well.

Contemporary and Moody Amazing Kitchen

Recent years more kitchens are made on white and light colors, but you can apply dark monochrome shades with a big island that is dining area as well. Hide everything you want after dark cabinet panels. Complete moody contemporary look with a little blinds and black colored window frames.

Amazing Kitchen in Urban Style

At your kitchen, you may match new and contemporary with some elements of a preceding iteration. For instance, a raw brick wall may contrast with smooth cupboard in white and black colors. A light island surface and the same wooden floor neutralize a serious french kitchen design.

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