9 Attractive Secret Closet Door Ideas for Your Room Decor

Murphy Closet Door

Murphy beds are large and space-efficient, but they are not as breathtaking as Murphy secret closet door ideas are. Probably, you didn’t hear about Murphy entry before.

In fact, it is the basic secret closet door that is disguised like a bookshelf and hides a secret space from everybody. This is the original way to transform the simple entry into exciting thing, especially if you have the task to make the opening difficult or impossible. Let’s know how you can realize the Murphy entry in your homes.

Ideas of Using the Murphy Secret Closet Door

  1. Architects from DeForest propose to disguise the secret entry as open shelves. You may place it in the seating place and stairs. When you push the shelf the secret place is opening. Such placement is comfortable; you may hold books on door shelves and get the reading area near them.
  2. Alexander Martin is an architect who renovated a loft apartment in London. He also designed the Murphy overhead doors there. It is hidden behind the pretty little bookshelf. Just slide it back and a study area appears. Such system is original and useful and you can hide the home office in this way, thus all functions of the room stay separate.
  3. Your guests won’t ever expect that you have something secret after the bookshelves. Most people don’t suspect it, and this is the reason. The architect Consuelo Jorge creates the surprise element special in this project. The architect created the space in Brazil and it was made for art collections. This project has three Murphy doors and not just one, besides they can be uncovered at the same time or closed, thus the secret room stays secret.

  4. Designers are sure it is easy to hide the entry in a bookcase especially if they are few in the house. If you have the whole wall realized as bookshelves, one section created as a secret closet door can blend easier. One of the examples of this decision is a house in Phoenix, Arizona that the Ranch Mine created.
  5. Airbnb with the Bold Collective created a new original office in Sydney located in Australia. The office looks cozy and pretty nice and gives the feeling of home ambiance. Designers created original lounge areas, spaces for meeting, cozy benches or a meeting room that is hidden with a bi-fold Murphy secret closet door.
  6. Also, you may create the apartment when everything looks beautiful and nice at the first view, but the bedroom is not here. Don’t be afraid, you don’t miss it, but this space is integrated into the apartment and hidden there, and the entry is not visible. In fact, the entry is disguised as a bookcase. So original design!
  7. Sometimes, when you visit the home with secret closet door, you must have detective skills to find some hidden space there. Maybe, if you check the bookcase wall more attentively you will notice a large frame and free space underneath that is not normal for the typical interior. The answer is simple – you have found the secret specialized doors. Some guest room or home office is hidden there.

  8. Of course, it is easy to conceal a space in a large house, but what should you do with small areas? In fact, if you are creative everything is possible. Project.DWG proves that even the house of 55 square meters could hide surprises inside, including the secret nook behind the stairs.
  9. Creating the new house could be very interesting work, especially if you want to realize hidden bookshelf hardware behind the Murphy entry. For instance, you may design a simple interior with natural forms and neutral colors, but play a bit while adding the secret room behind the secret closet door. It will be fun and interesting for you and your guests as well.
9 Attractive Secret Closet Door Ideas for Your Room Decor updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White
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