20 Awesome Wood Crate Storage Ideas for Your Rooms

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You can organize and clean your house in so many ways. Most people want their houses to be clean without any clutter and keep the style at the same time. There are so many wood crate storage ideas you can find on the Internet of modern methods of making your space organized by using wooden crates. These ideas you can apply in no time.

20 Useful Wood Crate Storage Ideas

  1. Floating shelves could be easily done from wooden crates. Thus, you can satisfy your organizational needs and display all necessary things in the living room.
  2. Spice rack could be also done from the wooden crate, do not you know? It is easy to hang it own and decorate. Not only spices, even sauces can be put there.
  3. A small bookcase is an original crate storage unit. You can make it from four wooden crates and place in the bedroom. Add a few wheels and move it easily!
  4. Storage ottomans become the additional place to keep your books and other things. Such wood crate storage ideas are amazing for the living room.
  5. The console table is one more way of wooden crates transformation. It is a perfect wood crate storage ideas for everything, besides, you can paint this wood half crate in the desired color.
  6. Playroom locker cubbies could be one of your wood storage crate ideas because they are good for keeping toys and other kids’ things for playtime.

  7. Wood crate record storage is a nice decision of organizing the collection of vinyl records.
  8. Kitchen island from wooden crates is a great thing to show your inspiration. Keep there everything you want, for instance, fruits or utensils.
  9. Mudroom decoration is also possible to do from wood crates. Store there boots and backpacks.
  10. Rolling toy bin from crates is a versatile design of usual boxes. You can place them anywhere in the house.
  11. Side table for your living room can be made from wooden crates as well. It is very simple to make its own, besides, you can place there everything needed.
  12. Under cabinet shelf for your kitchen is a great method to utilize wooden crates. Find a DIY project to transform your space.
  13. Towel rack can be transformed from wooden crates for bathrooms. You can make big or small – any size you need.
  14. Linen wood crate storage ideas are a necessary thing for people with numerous sheets and blankets that can’t be placed in a closet. Few large wooden crates will help you.
  15. Shoe bench for the closet, foyer or mud space helps to organize all things and avoid the cluttered corners.
  16. Dish shelves are also could be produced from wood crates and they look pretty nice. Besides, you can display all your favorite dishes!
  17. A bookcase can be fun and not only the keeping place for all your books. You can create it as modern as you desire!
  18. Media organization for holding all your movies is an old wooden crate. Place it near your TV and give the place to keep the collection of all member of the family.
  19. Rope handle storage will finish any DIY projects of wood crate storage ideas making. Few rope handles are easy to add and they look wonderful.
  20. Garage storage organization also needs some help. You can put few wooden crates of the floor or fill up the racks but the garage needs some organization as well.
20 Awesome Wood Crate Storage Ideas for Your Rooms updated: June 4, 2021 by author: Ana White
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