Best Color for Dining Room Feng Shui: 9 Simple Rules of Choice

White Washed Dining Room Furniture – Oval Table With Solid Wood Top

Choosing best color for dining room feng shui is the special question that can be close because of the eating and spending time together in this space. This area made in feng shui style is cozy and stylish, welcoming for people to talk and converse together. If you will choose the right shade for this area, then feng shui will complete the comfortable atmosphere for everybody.

Simple Rules to Create the Best Color for Dining Room Feng Shui

  1. Have a dinner in pleasant colors. For making the cozy space to relax, keep calm and lucky choose positive traditional dining room colors without stress. This method will make your space satisfied with only one element which brings the health and happiness through feng shui.
  2. Go to warm shades. Classic colors for feng shui zone are warm and cozy, that bring lovely comforting to the dining area contrary to cold tones. Thus, red and orange well stimulate the appetite and conversation in calm ambiance. There are also other soft tones that work nicely in the feng shui zone to dine such as honey, razz, maroon, coralline, salmon-colored, rust, golden and bronzed and the like.
  3. Be careful with applying red and orange. These shades have vibrant and strong energy, so feng shui professionals propose to use them with care because red and orange have the feeling overpowering. Create one basic wall in the area in few of these tones but other ones should be neutral. Indicate perfect proportions for you to make the constant stimulating effect.
  4. Separate the dining area from other rooms by using colors. Such an open concept is very popular nowadays because families desire to spend time together during all activities. Actually, this method is not typical for best color for dining room feng shui. If your dining and living spaces are united then it is necessary to separate them visually into two areas. Add the best color for dining room feng shui to make one good rest zone. For instance, an original rug in the center of the room made in beautiful pop color will separate one space from another.
  5. Apply similar colors in one open space. Maybe, you want to separate your dining area from living one for instance or combine these two zones together. Then choosing the similar shades are the best decision to separate the zones visually from each other.

  6. The best color for dining room feng shui helps to arouse famine in the space. It is well-known fact that some colors can promote the appetite. Thus, red and orange could arouse hunger because their challenging effect directly influences the appetite. And feng shui area must be calm and welcoming, so try to combine the appetite stimulate opportunity with a relaxing atmosphere. For instance, neutral or dark dining room ideas will be perfect for such balance.
  7. Try to balance all shades that are used in the room. Best color for dining room feng shui must be not too bright or dull. If there is a balance in the shade then the dining zone will look welcoming and bright with the sense of calm at the same time. For instance, choose red cute room colors for a light fixture or other elements.

  8. Choose neutral best color for dining room feng shui. Good dining room according to feng shui has quiet earth tone which often used for large surfaces like walls or tabletops. For instance, you can use such neutral dining room tones as pink, yellow, cream or peach. If you like grey shade, then this warm neutral will fit perfectly for your space. Maybe, blue or green will work also in such interior, because these tones are light and simple as well.
  9. Do not use too many bold shades. Typical feng shui dining area has a warm ambiance that is glad and cozy. But bright or bold tones are jarring, they can work against your goal.
Best Color for Dining Room Feng Shui: 9 Simple Rules of Choice updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White
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