Best Wood for Bed Frame: 13 Most Popular Soft and Hardwoods

Wood bed frame

For good mood, health and feeling, people have to sleep a lot on a comfortable bed. Scientists say that we spend a third of our life asleep. Choosing best wood for bed frame is a hard work, but it worth it. For production bed frames quality and robust wood is used. This material is practical and unpretentious in maintenance.

Wood is also a varied material concerning colors. This natural product can be bleached, stained. Wooden bed type depends on your taste and room’s style. Before shopping imagine what bed do you want and find the best one according to such qualities:

  • maneuverability,
  • ventilation,
  • height,
  • storage,
  • durability,
  • design,
  • color,
  • size,
  • construction techniques.

Best Wood for Bed Frame: Softwoods

In the simple way the best wood for bed frame we can categorize this natural material to hardwood bed frames and softwood. But, here is a little notice: hardwoods are not actually hard and softwoods are not soft in fact. Hardwoods are flowering trees, softwoods are conifers. Furniture production from softwoods is easier than hardwoods. So, this industry is not so expensive like other one.

The most popular softwood types are:

  • cedar – can be brown or white, often used for making decorative panels. Eastern cedar is unique and used for making outdoor furniture;
  • white pine – is easy to work with and popular. Easily deformed, soft but older wood wears out faster;
  • yellow pine – meets in orange, yellow, tan. Pine wood bed is grainy and good for exposed wood.
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Softwoods are best wood for bed frame for a short period.

Best Wood for Bed Frame: Hardwoods

Hardwoods are more durable and expensive than previous one. This kind of nature material is valued for high quality furniture.

The variety of hardwoods:

  • birch – can be light tan or white, easy to work with and colored in mahogany, cherry, walnut; it is hard to work with birch if needed to make intricate details, birch are good for simple contemporary lines;
  • cherry – has reddish-brown color and easy to work with, for example to carve and use for decoration; the best type of fruitwood for making bed frames;
  • ebony – is brown or nearly black; it can be colored in black for bringing good dark wood bed frames; it is strong, tight, more often is used for inlays;
  • mahogany – has beautiful reddish-brown and red color, it loves shrinking and warping; it also easy to cut out;
  • maple – is light beige color; it is warping, shrinking and hard to work with;
  • oak – varies from pinkish-brown to white color (white wood bed frames); is strong to warping, shrinking and wearing; it is easy to work with oak, so it’s the best wood for bed frame;
  • poplar – has light tan with green or pink streaks; not very strong and easy to work with; often is used for interior furniture;
  • rosewood – is beautiful red color, has black graining; has many advantages: easy to work with, good curled, well-worn; it is rare and expensive material, often used like a veneer;
  • teak – has beautiful honey-brown color, solid and used for outdoor furniture; a buyer can enjoy it during 50 years;
  • walnut – is dark grayish-brown and darker; it is easy to carve.
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If your budget is limited, you can choose some cheaper hardwood which looks like expensive one, for example red mahogany.

Best Wood for Bed Frame: 13 Most Popular Soft and Hardwoods updated: July 23, 2021 by author: Ana White


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