9 Unique Cheap Chic Furniture Decors for Your Farm House

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Do you like white cheap chic furniture? Have you ever heard something about the concept of distressed furniture? And do you know how the wonderful and special look of items is obtained?

Actually, process is pretty simple. Its main idea is to make a certain object appear older its actual age. Naturally-distressed item is one that make it a trend and also is the most sought-after. Today this trend becomes more and more popular all over the world and there are dozens of distressed bedroom cheap chic furniture ideas to your taste.

Cheap Chic Furniture Decor Ideas

In order to reach the main goal, namely make your piece look weathered, certain techniques can be used. The process includes intentional destruction or transformation of object’s finish to make it look not perfect. Actually, such imperfections are desired in this concept. In order to distress a cheap chic furniture piece, you should remove part of the paint, but not all. To achieve desired result you may use paint stripper or sandpaper.

Solid pine furniture is probably the best surface to choose. Distressing of pine wood furniture gives the most exquisite results. Patina – this is how the final appearance of distressed piece is called. Such name is usually used to describe, for example, antique white distressed furniture. By the way, this concept can be applied to the number of other materials except wood. This list includes metal, stone, glass, concrete, plastic, etc.

You may choose one of the following distressing techniques for your piece of cheap chic furniture:

  • Deliberate sanding;
  • Denting or scraping;
  • Finishing off;
  • Hammering, staining, bleaching and repainting – for wooden pieces.
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Best paint for distressed look can be found in craft stores or mixed at home. One of the ways is to water down the paint and, this way, let the wood show through it, another is to sponge the paint on and make the finish be uneven.

If you are searching for cheap chic furniture, do it yourself. Moreover, to do this you will not need many different tools or materials. As a result you will own absolutely unique piece of cheap chic furniture that will have rustic of vintage look. Such makeover of an item may be needed in case if you have an old furniture piece and cannot get rid of it because of some sentimental memories. Follow previously mentioned advices and make your own one-of-a-kind piece now.

9 Unique Cheap Chic Furniture Decors for Your Farm House updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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  • Sariah

    I’m into shabby chic furniture for my interiors and I want it cheap so that I can always replace it after every season. I never thought that naturally-distressed furniture looks better! Thank you for the distressing techniques you provided so as to achieve a shabby-chic distressed furniture that’s perfect for my home!

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