9 Rules of Decorating Cheap Side Tables for Living Room

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All designers and decorators are sure that there rules of decorating cheap side tables we must follow when it comes to the home decorations. For instance, a size of a rug, the place for curtains hanging. These rules really work and help with making the space more pulled.

One of the most popular laws is the rule of three and it is easier than you think. In general, everything looks better in three numbers. Three colors in the room, three textures for finishing, three frames for pictures.

Any odd number of decorative details looks better than numbered décor because it is easier to complete and style three. Especially when we talk about chairs and coffee table, a style for the living room and décor in it. Let’s read about following original and stylish ideas for your furniture.

How to Decorate Cheap Side Tables for Living Room

  1. According to the rule of three, your coffee table must be small. Apply a simple set of three interesting pieces to fit on the small table in your interior. Thus, you can play with height and color but not to think about objects.
  2. Have you already known that fresh flowers give the life to your room? It is good to have a bouquet around. A vase with flowers always looks perfectly on any cheap side tables for living room and it can be counted as one piece of three needed.
  3. If you already have a vase of flowers, then it is easy to find the second artsy detail you would like to display. And what to do with the third one? Put on your favorite books or magazines on it.

  4. Don’t forget about old vases, think about its using. Group them together the way you like.
  5. Candlesticks could be antique decorative elements but they really work nice with black wood cheap side tables. Any shape and size of this décor will bring the variety to your living room, remember about lovely candles.
  6. Add some pop to your space. When you decide what color to choose, pay attention on metallic tone to bring your table shine and sparkle a little.
  7. Did you buy a coffee table with two levels? Then you have a great field for creativity. When you create the set from flowers, books and art details, don’t forget to decorate the bottom of the cheap side tables as well.
  8. Some people are looking for cheap side tables as a board for games, puzzles and homework. If it is about your family, then combine three pieces on a tray and move them easily when it is necessary for something else.
  9. Speaking about a rule of three, you may use furniture as well. Thus, your couch and coffee table set could be the part of objects and you will get the needed effect. Here the coffee table must be the most interesting.
9 Rules of Decorating Cheap Side Tables for Living Room updated: June 5, 2021 by author: Ana White
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