What Colors To Use for Creating Chic Living Room With Yellow Beige Sofa

Mustard Yellow Sofa

All people want to see beautiful and comfortable living room at their homes. Usually, it is a place situated near the front of the house and becomes a space where everyone meets.

So, this room is the most important and must be decorated in the same style with other home décor. Color is the tool that makes the living room unique. If you want to change or decorate this room of your house, here are few useful tips you can try.

14 Colors Tips for Your Living Room With Yellow Beige Sofa

  1. Mint color is perfect in both: small details or painting the living space in floor-to-ceiling way. It is fresh and invigorating, and fits perfectly for the living room. You can make your space light and friendly with this tone using.
  2. Elephant grey is warm and neutral color, so it is often used as a based tone for the house. Soft grey living room will look fresh and modern, besides it is a nice backdrop to different white details.
  3. Warm orange will make the space juicier, because it looks like a pumpkin. Brown and orange living room design brings to mind fall spices and gives inviting and warm mood. Choose this rich and welcoming tone to balance out the room with harsh modern lines, angles and decorative details.
  4. Deep teal is a balanced tone realized in a combination of green and blue – amazing color with which you feel yourself soothing and energetic at the same time. This is a good choice for warm and inviting space.
  5. Lavender is a typical pastel that gives a glamorous aesthetic to any space. Use also some muted colors and create a monochromatic feel with lavender as a star.
  6. Mustard yellow moves us to 70s-throwbacks and is very hot in contemporary living spaces. One of popular ways to add this tone to your space is considering the color palette in general. Yellow beige sofa will fit perfectly with steely blue.
  7. Brown nowadays is not so popular as grey is. It is natural color that looks amazing in cool and modern space. You can vary shades or make a monochromatic brown palette and get cozy and warm atmosphere.
  8. Burgundy and wine colors are popular for modern spaces, especially for living rooms. This tone was often used in the 1990s. Now it is a good decision for large room, even for wall decoration.
  9. Light purple living room looks stylish because it always works in positive and chic way; no matter it is bright, muted or vibrant.
  10. Ballet pink can be remembered as a color for little girls, but the greyish tone of it can be easy moved to a living room. The gorgeous method is to combine pink with black piece, for instance, a wall or a pillow.
  11. Ebony is not a color for everyone. It makes a space sophisticated and pretty. You may play with furnishings, sheens and lighting and get the chic result.
  12. Brick red is a part of red color family but looks muted and not intrusive. A contemporary living room is a great place where brick red plays a main role.
  13. Cobalt blue is very popular tone these days. It is confident, fun, bright and transforms any part of a living room.
  14. Light green living room ideas are full of energy, cheer and friendly feeling. It is inviting tone, that gives the positive mood to all guests.

What Colors To Use for Creating Chic Living Room With Yellow Beige Sofa updated: February 19, 2018 by author: Linda Carpenter
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