11 Delightful Contemporary Casement Windows Ideas for Modern Home Design

The standard design for contemporary horizontal pivot windows is different for different regions.

The standard design for contemporary casement windows is different for different regions. But the private preference must dominate and not the location.

Of course, some kinds of contemporary casement windows are better in specific style than other ones. For instance, pivot windows are simple and sleek, they match perfectly with contemporary interiors in your home. They look really amazing.

Popular Ideas For Contemporary Casement Windows

  1. Round windows can do the function of amazing focal points. But round pivot looks very original and more unique. It has interesting shape and mechanism as well. In fact, it is very simple, but it stands out for sure.
  2. Another type of contemporary casement windows is fixed on a pivot down, so they are very stable especially if the weather is bad. You may easily place them at particular angle. For instance, such a nice pivot windows were realized in Sydney by Those Architects.
  3. If this style will be applied to the floor-to-ceiling modern bay window they become interesting pivot door. This design was created by architects from Specht Harpman while they worked on the New Canaan Residence situated in Connecticut.
  4. When it comes to pivot new bay window and doors the nice example you may observe – the modern building created by Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens who represent SCULP Architecten. Every pivot window here play the role of a door and weigh 2 000 kg. This is very impressive. To do this possible, architects delete the whole rear façade of the building.
  5. Actually, until you don’t open the window the pivot ones are typically, and you can use this original mechanism to complete the interior. You may apply such contemporary casement windows and use them fully.

  6. In Londrina, Brazil, there is a house with huge sleek windows that unite the indoor area with outdoor lounge deck. This house was created by Spagnuolo Arquitetura, and this made the home original.
  7. If you prefer sliding glass doors then choose floor-to-ceiling modern house windows that are the good alternative to them. They offer functional transition and organic ventilation, besides they look elegant as well. For instance, XTEN Architecture represents the building in La Quinta placed in California has the whole wall with pivot doors or contemporary casement windows, it depends on what you prefer.
  8. Just pivot wooden bay window and doors can be too much for one house, especially if other kinds of contemporary casement windows fit better for other spaces of the building. For instance, MF Architecture represents the diverse. They propose to use pivot windows but just in rooms where it fits perfectly.
  9. Pivot doors or windows suit mostly with minimalists houses. They look awesome and original because they are uncomplicated. Just imagine, your mountain lodge with contemporary casement windows is the perfect place for living.

  10. A modern home will look more adorable with the combination of sliding doors and pivot windows. Both these constructions must combine the space and beautiful view from outdoors because they let the air and sunlight into the room. Many owners choose such a great couple and they do not regret it.
  11. It is easy to create original visual space with pivot windows because they are tall and slender. In many countries, for example, Vietnam people choose such a design. Often people apply narrow and large contemporary casement windows and make them line up by forming a double-height wall with an interesting view.
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If you have decided to apply such a window, remember it should not be too wide, then it will be practical and will save the space in open position. But of course, you may choose any decision for your space.

11 Delightful Contemporary Casement Windows Ideas for Modern Home Design updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White

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