Countertop Remodel Ideas: 10 Popular Materials for Kitchen Countertop Design

You may find lava stone countertop ideas for cook room surfaces decisions.

The kitchen is one of the most important and functional room in the home. And in the design of this part the look of the kitchen countertop remodel ideas play the important role – used materials, easy service, stylish look, durability of the construction, and other aspects influence on the quality of countertops.

Granit is mostly chosen for making durable luxury surfaces past years, but there are many different kinds of kitchen countertop remodel ideas available nowadays. So don’t pay attention just on granite tops and look at other popular materials for countertop making.

In this article you may find countertop remodel ideas for cook room surfaces decisions. Use this information for decoration better room in your home.

Popular Materials for Countertop Remodel Ideas

  1. Concrete kitchen surfaces. Past years the trend of using concrete in different ways in our homes including kitchens and tops there. Countertops from this material are much durable, especially if they are sealed correctly; carry well with scratch- and heat-resistant. They are often customized for shape, color and texture that could be a bonus. Such concrete surfaces are heavy, so they need a great support from lower cabinetry. They may be also stained or damaged with acidic materials.
  2. New quartz countertop remodel ideas. Except granite countertops there is another alternative – factory made quartz. It looks like granite, is heavy and durable, stylish and fits to many cook rooms’ interior. This material is hard, long-lasting; it’s easy to clean its glossy top with mild soap. So, quartz has many bonuses such as low maintenance, don’t need to require sealing or resealing.
  3. Kitchen surfaces from stainless steel. Recent years people actively use stainless steel kitchen appliances, gradually surfaces from this material also comes into our homes. That’s why stainless steel has an honorable place in this list. Stainless steel is a great material for kitchen because it is durable and heat-resistant. These pieces are customizable to a variety of specifications and may be fixed without seams. The top is non-porous, so it’s hygienically and easy to clean. On the other hand such stainless steel countertops can show all greasy fingerprint, smear and scratches.

  4. Soapstone tops. This is beautiful, natural material with veining, so such soapstone makes great countertop remodel ideas. These surfaces look sleek and beautiful and they could complete the style of the cook room in any design. They also heat-resistant, can serve for a long time; don’t work with acids like orange juice or vinegar. But remember soapstone could be scratched so it requires regular oiling and buffing.
  5. Butcher block surfaces. It is warm and absolutely natural, so such surfaces are often found on serious chefs’ kitchens and anyone who does love naturalness and beauty in this part of the house. If you consider butcher block as a surface then decide what purposes you do want to realize – to cut and prepare food or service and display. This butcher block needs a little maintenance, sealing, oiling, sanding and surfacing that cost for kitchen countertop remodel ideas.
  6. Surfaces from glass. Recently more and more people choose glass countertops because of its classic and aesthetic look. Such glass top shows your perfect sense of style without drawing attention to themselves. Due to its non-porous surface the countertop is easy to clean, doesn’t stain very easy, is heat-resistant. But this top has disadvantages also, for instance glass shows fingerprints and some messes a bit readily. It plays a great role if you have children.

  7. Tops from bio-glass. Bio-glass is an eco-friendly material that is available in many various colors. Such surfaces are made from 100% recycled glass and after using they are recyclable for sure. This decision is a perfect one for those who are looking for eco-friendly materials.
  8. Kitchen marble top. White marble is a classic variant for any well-designed house. Any cook room will look stylish and modern with this veining and luxury makes. But marble could have scratch and stain easily, so it’s recommended in using in small surface sections like an island or baking station but not on the whole surface.
  9. Tops from limestone. Limestone is an organic material that has similar characteristics as marble, but it could be much tougher and durable, so it’s good variant for surface. This material is often used last time as a cook room top and it’s very popular due to smooth surface, earthy and natural colors.
  10. Lava stone top. This material is lesser known but becomes more popular last time, and lava stone is dramatic and stylish choice for countertop remodel ideas. It’s available in matte, glossy sheens, various colors and can fit to any style of the cook room.
Countertop Remodel Ideas: 10 Popular Materials for Kitchen Countertop Design updated: July 10, 2020 by author: Ana White
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