Black Turnbuckle Shelf Brackets

Black Turnbuckle Shelf Brackets

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Black Turnbuckle Shelf Brackets

Black turnbuckle shelf brackets may have various structures and shapes, and these elements may influence the whole shelf style. Thus, triangular modern metal turnbuckle shelf brackets will have additional maintenance to the piece that will be placed in the rustic style interior.


  • CarterYar

    I am thinking of a simple shelf that I would plant on four screws that could be used to attach to another shelf from above that would attach to the subwoofer. Anyone have any experience with turnbuckle shelf brackets?

  • OJOwen

    I used a similar setup. I had the back panel attached to the base of cornice wall with a couple of screws, and instead of black turnbuckle shelf brackets, I attached the shelf to the back with a couple of hinges.

  • 0Logan0

    I’ve used the wall board anchors (model 90 pounds in an orange package). I used 4 anchors through two metal L-shaped shelf brackets with snap on plastic covers. Also I used a MDF shelf on top of the brackets. Then I used threaded rod and nuts/washers to directly suspend the shelf.

  • Michael

    I prefer to use metal shelf brackets because I am completely unsure about this hinge on the 2mm brass tie. 🙂

  • richibenjamin

    I built a shelf for about $15 using L-shaped brackets that you can find at local hardware store and a salamander-designed shelf. I must say this is the best tweak I’ve ever done. 🙂

  • MasonGrace

    I used a threaded rod to easily attach the shelf to the ceiling. If I could attach to the back wall, I would just use the diagonal brace angled wood brackets to support the shelf from below.

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