Custom Wood Decor: 17 Most Popular Common Mistakes

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Making custom wood decor mistakes when decorating the house with carpentry project ideas is possible. People often do those mistakes even without realizing.

Common Mistakes in Custom Wood Decor

  1. Mistakes related to the choice of color are the most common ones. It happens when people do not consider light (natural and artificial). In this case even the most pleasant and, at first sight, perfect color may bring a lot of unpleasant surprises.
  2. Mixing many different colors at once is another common mistake. As a result, room will not look pleasant, relaxing and peaceful. Instead of this, try to limit the color palette and choose few tones for decorating.
  3. Try not to use many colors when you do not know how to correctly balance them. Pay attention to the amount of this or that color in the room. Correct balance is essential.
  4. Do not match everything. If you want a place to stay comfortable and inviting, space needs variety. Speaking about the color, choose few (two or three) tones and combine them in different ways and amounts. Choosing one accent color is always a good idea for custom wood decor.

  5. Remember to make rooms cohesive throughout. If you are trying to realize one of interesting wood projects, try, some way, to link rooms. Here, similar color palette or different incorporating elements will come to help. Thus common materials or forms will make simple woodworking ideas be a success. If decorations in different rooms have nothing in common at all, as a result you will get a hectic ambiance.
  6. Incorporate empty space in the room design, otherwise things will be messed up. The space will become tiresome if not letting eyes to have a rest. Thus you will achieve as much welcoming atmosphere as you want.
  7. It is important to take chances, make innovations and forget about sticking with the looks magazines suggest you. If you don’t, the result will always be boring. Wake up your creativity, do not be afraid of creativity and the boundaries will be pushed away. It is always nice for custom wood decor.
  8. All easy woodworking ideas include some types of finishes and materials. Be careful choosing it, because the wrong choice can ruin the entire balance. So, if you do not want your new interior custom wood decor mess things up, you can choose matte finish instead of another, more shiny.
  9. The process of painting sometimes comes up as more difficult task as you might think before starting. Improper applying of the paint will ruin the whole idea. Be careful at the edges and corners, especially where two different colors must meet.

  10. Except colors, there is a number of common mistakes made when decorating the house. Pieces of art should never be hanged too high on the wall. Starting DIY interior custom wood decor, make sure that you know that any art piece must be placed exactly 57” higher off the floor. Of course, exceptions are possible, but in this case, try to stick to the simple rules.
  11. Decorating any of carpentry project ideas with a piece of art, make sure that it is not too small or too big comparing to other things in the room. Otherwise this piece will totally disrupt the balance.
  12. Choosing the rug for the decorated space is not so easy. If you choose too small rug, the room will start feeling and looking unfinished. Right proportions – here’s what essential!
  13. All easy woodworking ideas must be accompanied by right furniture pieces. The first rule you should remember is choosing furnishings that are in the same scale with the space. There are two possible mistakes: people either choose oversized furnishings for small spaces, or too small pieces in large rooms. Always measure carefully before buying and remember that furniture pieces presented in a big store have a different look in a small apartment or house.

  14. Light fixtures are not just accessories in custom wood decor. Each piece placed in the room will have unique and different impact on the final look of custom wood decor. Try to mix different task lighting like floor lamp, overhead fixture etc.
  15. When you choose color, consider the texture as well, otherwise the space will have a dull and flat look. These two features are closely interacting, so have fun and play with them in order to find unique perfect combinations to suit your home’s custom wood decor.
  16. Most interesting wood projects look perfect at first sight, but sometimes thing come different. Giving preference to good looking furniture does not always mean you choosing comfortable and practical pieces.
  17. Arrangement of a furniture is also important task. Do not mess things up and do not make such most common mistake like pushing all furniture in the room against the walls. Thus, you will only make your place look sterile, and that’s all. Try creating more cozy and comfortable ambiance with the help of different configurations.
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Custom Wood Decor: 17 Most Popular Common Mistakes updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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