Rectangle wood table

Rectangle wood table

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Oak wood – pretty good material for dining table because it can endure hot pots, condensation, ice filled glasses and even the unruly elbows of the whole family. 2. Cedar – is often used for making closet because of its possibility to against months and other insects and also to destroy odor causes. This red and reddish brown material is used for fencing, house building, shingles and shipbuilding. So dining set of cedar wood will serve a long time. 3. Padauk wood – came from Asia and Africa and have very good characteristics – it is stronger than oak and can withstand adhesives. This material is durable and beautiful. 4. Teak – can make any home to look like amazing, majesty tropics style. You can choose green, yellow or brown high wooden table from this type. It is also used in making doors, window frames and other furniture. 5. Walnut – is grown in many countries and very popular in USA. It can be perfect for rectangle wood table in the any kitchen design.

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