How to Display Your Pictures More Original With Wood Art Frames

Creative Ideas For Home Family Photo Frame Hang On The Wall

One of the most interesting ways to personalize the room and make the space like home is decorating the walls with pictures and photos. And in the way you may display your photos it’s easy to show your creative skills and a large set of possibilities. Here is a list of interesting and original pictures ideas and you will choose the better one for your home.

Popular Ideas for Custom Wood Pictures

  1. First variant is a perfect one for those who like trips and vacations around the world. You can save all memories and display them on the abstract world map. Thus you may point the area where you have been and place the picture there.
  2. You can create simple picture wood frame and make it more interesting for showing several photos that you want to print out. For doing this remove the back of the frame and the glass as well. Then take a copper wire and fix it with one end to the back of the piece. After this staple the wire on the other side of the frame and keep moving back and forth. Make the original pattern and take few clothespins to place your pictures there.
  3. There is also similar idea to use previous oak wood picture frames with twine using not a wire. The idea is the same, besides you can tape the ends of the twine to the back side of the frame and create lines at the same time where photos will be attached.
  4. Do you want to use your Instagram pictures for wall decoration? Combine these custom wood pictures with polaroids and you will be able to make amazing and simple installation for the one wall in your apartment. First, decide how many photos you do want to show, then measure them and cut little blocks for each of the photo. Fix them on the wall with using velcro strips.
  5. Actually square shaped photos could be realized in many other ways. For making original and beautiful display you can use little wood stumps and string. Make a desired number of rows and columns and enjoy the result.
  6. While creating you may use everything you want, for instance take simple tree branch or paint black or other colored stick. Fix it on the wall with applying of string to show all desired photos. The idea is in making black and white display on neutral tone background.
  7. Other interesting combination you may use with pleasure is applying string or twine with small pretty nice clothespins. This variant will give you a smile for sure. For making this take beautiful fabric, hooks for walls, little wooden pegs, string and colorful masking tape.
  8. Also you can use mini pegs in other interesting way. It doesn’t seem you should hang it directly on the wall; you may place them on photo frames in wood background. It could be the great memo board or a chalkboard. This frame may be done from reclaimed wood and have stylish rustic look.
  9. As creative wood art frames pallets may be used, so you can take it surely. Use this idea for a party organization as wall decoration in your home. Take small pegs and string and bring your own creative ideas.


How to Display Your Pictures More Original With Wood Art Frames updated: May 8, 2017 by author: Linda Carpenter
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