8 Effective Tips of Feng Shui Kitchen Design in Your House

Orange And Red Kitchen Interior Design

Family members need to prepare and storage food somewhere, so Feng Shui kitchen design is important for satisfying and sustaining for everybody. But this also plays a role in thriving and creating abundance in particular areas. Thus, cooking and cleaning is the way to keep himself (herself) and other members of the family.

Lighting in Feng Shui Kitchen Design

Every day the person goes to the bedroom, bathroom, and then the kitchen, so it is clear to make this space fun and sunny. The sunlight influence on us in the own way – it provokes the production of serotonin and melatonin, besides the mood is improved.

Some kitchens have natural light, and this is successful. Other kitchens just do not have such as option. In these situations, it is good decision to install a skylight or a solar tube up as simple kitchen lighting.

Feng Shui Kitchen Things

This may seem obvious, but the well-functioning kitchen is impossible without it. Everything, starting with kitchen knives storage to maintaining doors of cupboards, has one common function that is good for the whole space. So, if you have chipped bowls – replace them, if the paint is chipped – touch up it.

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For feng shui kitchen design it is important to provide a good maintaining of the signifies, the person must care about it and himself as well.

Feng Shui Kitchen Design Stove Appliances

The stove is a needed object in feng shui kitchen and it symbolizes the wealth. So, it is important to keep it clean and in good condition. You can revolve around the stovetop details and bring the energy into your life, and have positive qi for yourself.

The Mirror above the Stove

Actually, it is not a basic tip for everybody, but if you have the dark space under the range on your kitchen feng shui rules advice you to hang a mirror there to reflect the light and stove’s warmth. The best variant if the mirror reflects a window.

There is a fiction in modern society concerning a mirror and its connection with the wealth, but in fact, you should not just rely on the magical force. One more benefit of placing mirror hanged behind the stovetop is that a family member who is cooking has a “command position” according to feng shui and he or she is able to see others who stay in the room. This gives the person a warm, comfortable feeling in any space.

Try to Keep Your Feng Shui Kitchen Design Clean

If you have not already known, feng shui takes a big place to the cleanliness, especially if the room has relations with health. It means you should do something more than just wiping down the counters few times per week. Drawers and boxes, inside and out, must be cleaned. Wipe down carefully all backsplashes, walls and countertops. Do not forget to sweep the floor.

Keep the Feng Clutter-free

You must realize the difference between the clean room and clutter-free room, but sometimes these both concepts are organized into one general rule. Countertops are the part of the busy home life, they keep letters, newspapers, bills and so on.

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The true feng shui rule is keeping only real needed things on the countertop. Other staff makes the clutter and must be stored in the closet.

Knives Must Be Out of Sight

Feng shui believes knives make people feel themselves not good. So the advice is keeping knives in the kitchen knife storage box.

Wooden Elements Are Important in Feng Shui Kitchen Design

According to feng shui, the kitchen design must have:

  • fire as a stove;
  • water – the sink;
  • metal;
  • and earth.

But wood cabinet is also possible for the Feng Shui kitchen design. Including wood to the kitchen dining room furniture is easy: you can buy a wooden bowl, cutting board and so on. This trick potted plant can do.

8 Effective Tips of Feng Shui Kitchen Design in Your House updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White

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