6 Popular Exterior Wood Treatment Myths That Need to Forget

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Woodworking project needs not only time and costing material that you have to invest. But last stage of exterior wood treatment and finishing may be the most nerve-racking one. This process must be done right and have few ways of its making. Here you may find some advices that could help in correct finishing the wooden details. We propose most popular myths and real facts about exterior wood treatment.

Myths About Exterior Wood Treatment and Finishing

  1. If to make the wood finishing materials on both sides then the warping will be prevented or reduced. It is not truth because it is impossible to prevent or reduce the warping of the material just with processing both sides. The reducing of the wood is happened because of a shrinking more tangentially than radially. Here moisture vapor will still works so the same degree of warping will appear. The side that is more exposed to watering and drying can cause the hindered warping. That is why tabletops that all the time have a contact with spills and water need the frequent finishing when it starts to serve badly.
  2. Sending to #440 or finer grift will give better result of exterior wood treatment and finishing. In fact, finishing is possible to use after applying sanding #400. Thus surface will have higher gloss, much better then after using the sanding #180-grit for example. It all because wood sanded #400-grit has better polishing then #180-grit. But remember, after using film unique wood finishes it is impossible to see or feel the difference between them. Thus, this easy method could save your time in future.
  3. If brushing is slow, results becomes better. Actually nothing in our world will be paid for doing slowly. Just imagine, you hired a painter to paint your home and pay him by the hour, but he brushed a foot every 8 seconds – there is an instruction in print. Try to brush rapidly always, and do not leave the control while this.
  4. It is better to brush across the grain first, and then with the grain. For doing this you may use slow-curing finishes, for example a varnish. It is easy to achieve the coat that is more, for example in thickness, but most of all not enough to see.

  5. There is a myth that the long leaving of a stain on the wooden material, thus the best stain for wood furniture will be deeper and soak into the material and the darker forest will be. In general, it is truth that material becomes darker, even if you make stain on more time with this type of exterior wood treatment, but it is not because this stain soaked deeper. It all because some of thinner in this stain has disappeared, so it has provoked the increasing of the colorant and liquid’s ratio. Thus higher concentrations of used colorant make deeper colors.
  6. To apply and wipe off the stain it is needed to use grain always. Actually, before you will wipe off the excess stain, direction of applying the stain does not matter. For instance, it is easy to wipe off a stain on finishing materials for wood by using a soaked cloth. Also, in this type of exterior wood treatment direction you do it does not matter. The main fact is only making final pass with using grain, in the way you won’t leave any notiveable streaks.
6 Popular Exterior Wood Treatment Myths That Need to Forget updated: August 18, 2020 by author: Ana White
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