10 Resourceful Mantel Ideas for Stone Fireplace

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It is hard to imagine interior decoration without mantel ideas for stone fireplace. Probably, the fireplace mantel is the eye-catching area of the whole room. Some mantel ideas for stone fireplace play the role of the main object of the room and can have any décor.

Here you will find the best ideas of the mantelpiece decoration that you may use as your own to transform the fireplace at your home.

Keeping in mind the mantel ideas for stone fireplace is a central item of the room it is obvious that a mantel decorates your fireplace. It is a dramatic and stylish item in the interior of any living room.

You may use any decoration you prefer to this piece. Modern houses can include such variants of decorative items:

  • original frames
  • pictures and photos
  • arts
  • various candles
  • vintage vases
  • bowls with flowers
  • original glasses
  • mirrors
  • old clocks
  • live plants
  • medals
  • big and little lamps.

Some people prefer to hang the flat screen TV here.

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All over the world homeowners want to decorate this place with some things with attractive memories, family or friends oriented.

Do you plan to create the focal point at your place? Then decorate your mantelpiece in various ways. Here you find a lot of ideas for inspiration.

1. An Art of Stone: Mantel Ideas for Stone Fireplace

A masterpiece or other picture is a well-known decorative element in traditional and modern houses. This art can show your taste, interests or demonstrate the place which you have visited earlier.

Hang there a family photo or your favorite dog’s picture. Everything that you like or will get the interest can be the cool accessories to the mantelpiece.

Maybe, you have your art that wish to show everybody. Then hang it above the fireplace or put on.

2. A Mirror in Traditional Mantel Décor

Big mirrors on your mantelpiece can have various frames and sizes. They need not for dressing or makeup. It is a decorative item.

Find the huge mirror with original frames. Put it over the fireplace or place on the top as a stone fireplace mantel décor.

Maybe you wish to fulfill all the space around the mirror then put on small elements there. Do everything you want. Probably, you would like to add a beautiful vase with flowers on it for getting the perfect object.

3. Apply a Wreath for Stone Fireplace Mantel Décor

One more interesting idea of traditional mantel décor is using of the live wreath. Maybe you have the own yard full of flowers, use them for creating the wreath and put it on the wall. Or you may use fresh twigs or wildflowers.

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4. Styling a Fireplace Mantel With Flowers

Live flowers in large vases always look amazing as an eye-catching element. Choose a big vase that fit your space or makes an accent in it. Put flowers from your yard or even a flower shop.

Tall vases always look gorgeous on a shelf, just add a few small items on the one side and you get the beautiful piece. Or you can apply some collectible pieces to impress guests.

5. Family Honors in Mantel Ideas for Stone Fireplace

Stone mantel ideas include a variety of different models and materials you may use to place on a fireplace shelf. Many cultures prefer to decorate the mantelpiece with family connected details. Because the fireplace is a symbol of the family’s warmth and ambiance.

You can place everything such as heirlooms, pictures and photos, trophies and honors etc.

6. A TV in Mantel Ideas for Stone Fireplace

While flat screen TV has appeared many people start to hang them over the fireplace. Normally you should plan the mantel mounted TV set because you will need the specific wiring for it. Because you can have wires that look bad.

You may give the frame to your TV as well to make it beautiful in the room.

7. Books in Mantel Ideas for Stone Fireplace

Mantels are a great place for books and newspapers. It could be trendy books or favorite books of your family members. Books that is pleasant to read near the fire.

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You may combine your books with vintage clocks or reading glasses.

8. Seasonal Items in Mantel Ideas for Stone Fireplace

You should not keep one décor all the year. Change it from time to time. Your contemporary mantel décor can be from season to season and display the holidays or seasons of the year.

Thus, many families make the Halloween decorations on their fireplaces. They use a jack-o-lantern, colorful leaves, candies, ugly dolls, and skeletons.

At Christmas, you may put lights, candles on the mantelpiece. And the traditional habit – to hang the stocking.

9. Prepare Family Events Like Part of Contemporary Mantel Décor

You can make your styling a fireplace mantel original for personal holidays, for example, birthdays and so on. Hang there a lot of balloons, ribbons. Add a trendy string of greeting cards that are connected between each other.

Holidays decorations may be together with your classic decorations. Or use only the festive ones.

10. Mantel Ideas for Stone Fireplace Decoration

Beautiful candelabras with various candles will look amazing. Place candle holders on opposite sides. Different rustic elements always look pretty nice – frames, tall vases, wooden details.

There is only the only rule in mantelpiece decoration – don’t overcrowd your shelf!

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