5 Awesome Features of Rustic Distressed Furniture Decor

Park Hill Coffee Table

Rustic distressed furniture and décor are the excellent way to create a casual or vintage style to your own decorating. Nowadays even modern houses have some rustic décor for making the live and original ambiance.

There are some features of rustic style that make it unique:

  • the old-fashioned texture,
  • rough-hewn or well-worn look,
  • natural wood,
  • vintage patterns,
  • white and neutral colors and so on.

Actually, do not go to the country to have the truly country décor at your place. The easier way to apply the rustic décor is using small pretty nice accessories in groups or separately. Maybe you have found a collection of rustic farmhouse styled pieces or some single thing that will be the perfect addition to your interior. Wood rustic distressed furniture or accessories will be also the perfect variant for this style decorating. It does not matter how tall or small your piece will be it will plat the focal role in the room. Plants or flowers are also considered as wood or nature.

The charm of rustic style is impossible without pretty nice vintage accessories used with other similar pieces, for instance, a homespun feature. Old things and pieces that look like old one add the specific character to the space and décor.

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What Details to Use in Rustic Distressed Furniture Décor

Rustic distressed furniture décor is also an accent point of the style. Choose reclaimed wood, old hardware, original finishes and your space will transform into country style. Today designers propose to use repurposed materials and make unique pieces with rustic spirit but they are modern in fact. Distressing old furniture may be represented in various ways, for instance like pretty coffee table – it will look rustic but made like the modern piece.

Seating places are one more way to use rustic distressed furniture in your interior. Choose any type of rustic distressed furniture like a bar stool or original chair – everything will be the ideal choice. Besides, you may move any piece throughout the house, thus the country style will migrate with it wherever you prefer.

Another popular variant is using a distressed paint in rustic style décor. The correct finish can make the rustic any piece and item. So, it does not matter if you will find the real old thing or the new one – everywhere distressed look will work on your decorating scheme.

If you do not want to use distressed finishes then pay attention to a correct lighting fixture that also can add a country chic to your home. Original light fixtures represented in natural wood, old metals, decorated pieces and so on. Decorate your modern space with metal lighting created with aged patina – this will be your country detail.

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In country style decorating galvanized metal is often used. It is the great decision, but be careful and do not overshoot with it. Choose this only for accessories, or lighting fixtures or rustic distressed furniture – not all at once.

If you want you may decorate in rustic style your kitchen as well. Add to this space an old clock, original salt and pepper shakers, and vintage paper towel holder etc. – everything that is typical for this decoration style.

Also, rope-accented details are popular very much and fit perfectly for country decoration. Use a rope to hang some interesting wall things or decorate vases or bottles with it as well. The rope is original and easy material that everybody can add to the interior.

This style also suggests using a large statement like rustic distressed furniture that can be natural or decorated. This piece is dominant in the interior and gives and tone to the rest of accessories: add another details or pieces and play with the space.

5 Awesome Features of Rustic Distressed Furniture Decor updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White

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