Hardwood Tile Bathroom: 6 Outstanding Design Ideas

Pallet Wood Bath Panel

Today people tend to avoid natural or processed wood when developing design hardwood tile bathroom. Three most popular materials for bathrooms are: marble, ceramics and sometimes vinyl. The reason is that these materials are highly resistant to water, splashing and steam.

Although these materials give shiny and reflective look to the room, at the same time, they make bathroom look a little cold and even ascetic. Adding some wood to the design you can totally transform the space and make hardwood tile bathroom much warmer. Now – great news: there is a plenty of ideas on how to incorporate it into bathrooms. It can be just a frame for a mirror or even tiles on the walls. What is more pleasant, you should not address to professionals and spend a fortune on their services. Try to one of ideas as a DIY project and get the maximum warmth it can offer.

Contoured Wood In The Hardwood Tile Bathroom

The piece of hardwood in a bathroom that looks its original state is one of the best ways to succeed in adding natural feelings and warmth to the place. Natural tree-like contours are the best. Even a small shelf or top of counter made of this material will work, but do not forget about proper treatment and making it waterproof. Even after these procedures, you still can feel each grain. Another plus is a dramatic contrast created by this small piece against geometrical splash of tiling.

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Reclaimed Wood In The Hardwood Tile Bathroom

Using reclaimed wood in the interior is very popular today, especially in kitchens and dining rooms. But, why not bathrooms? Creating an enclosure in a wet room, you will get a Japanese effect. Another idea is a roughly hewn wood. It makes any hardwood tile bathroom to look distinctive. Most important stage here is to carefully sand off every splinter with small sandpaper.

Bath Tub Panels With Wood In The Bathroom

If the design of you bathroom is dominated by white color (for example, tiling), replace a bath tub’s panel. This is effective and simple way to add wood in the bathroom and make it more warm and beautiful. Additionally, try to echo the panel anywhere in the bathroom, for example, rustic wood mirror frame or wood cabinet. Bathroom, this way, will please you even more.

The Slatted Look

Slatted bathrooms look, probably less natural, but anyway, warm and cozy. Want your hardwood tile bathroom have a sauna like feel – use slatted pine. Bench seating, screens, dividers, anything can be made of it to make you relax and feel yourself like in spa.

Mixing Woods In The Hardwood Tile Bathroom

Today experienced designers experiment with several wood types. Correct mixing of lighter and darker woods, or hardwood with softwood may give a fabulous result.

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Fake Wood In The Bathroom

Want to have most pros of natural wood in your bathroom, but do not want to cut trees? There is an option! Choose one of the great varieties of tiles which look like wood and have the same grain, as well. However, these ceramic tiles can hardly offer the same warmness to your bathroom.

Hardwood Tile Bathroom: 6 Outstanding Design Ideas updated: July 26, 2020 by author: Ana White

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