How to Clean Painted Wood Floors: 8 Helpful Tips

How to Clean Painted Hardwood Floors

How to clean painted wood floors? Today clear-coated wood underfoot have become favorite option for homeowners who want to incarnate contemporary style in their apartments and houses. Although, painted wood floor still happen in homes of true chic connoisseurs, like those who prefer white kitchen with hardwood floors.

Just couple of centuries ago, painted underfoot was a common thing not only in America, but all over the world. It could have been decorative patterns, monochromatic schemes and many other ways of decorating. White, green, red and yellow were the most preferred colors. The reason why people began to paint wood floors was not just aesthetics. Another reason was protection of planks of the time. So seethe video how to clean painted wood floors.

Now it is time for green, red or white solid wood flooring to come back. Today it can be used in historic houses as well as in the contemporary designs. Many people say that this type of underfoot is dear to their hearts and do not want even to try some other variants.

John Lahey, founder of Fine Paints of Europe shared several secrets about how to choose the best floor paint for wooden floors and how to clean painted wood floors. The first thing he stresses is the thickness of paint layer put on the underfoot. This is essential not to make it very thick. The bigger the layer, the sooner your underfoot will require renovations. The reason is that thin layer will dry better and faster, and after that it will serve you longer.

Here are Step-by-Step Tips How to Clean Painted Wood Floors

  • Take 150-grit sandpaper and scarify the floor;
  • Wash it with powered detergent;
  • Wait for couple days until floor will dry completely;
  • Time for applying the primer. Make sure that it is suitable for chosen type of paint and let it dry overnight;
  • Take 220-grit sandpaper and slightly sand the surface;
  • Wipe it with mineral spirits;
  • Chose the most durable floor paint, apply the thin layer and let it dry for at least 24 hours;
  • Repeat previous step for two more times, letting each layer to dry for 24 hours.

Now you have beautiful painted wood floor. But do not hurry to take on high heels or move the furniture already. Let the paint to reach the maximum hardness at least for four weeks.

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How to Clean Painted Wood Floors: 8 Helpful Tips updated: August 4, 2020 by author: Ana White


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