Reclaimed Pallet Shelves: 3 Important Steps to Make

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Creative and stylish DIY projects are impossible to imagine without reclaimed pallet shelves. This is the way to give the character and style to the project and it is the perfect variation of using eco-friendly materials in pieces making. For the inspiration you can find many interesting and beautiful variants in magazines and internet. For instance, you can decorate your kitchen with pretty amazing reclaimed pallet shelves.

What We Need For Making Reclaimed Pallet Shelves

The first step with wood working the sanding of material should be, especially if it might be too weathered. Then you can stain it and later assemble the all pieces together.

It is necessarily to use reclaimed wood in pallets into shelves, or you cannot find desired material but you still want to create rustic reclaimed pallet shelves for your interior there are other variants to get it. You may find different methods of making it, for instance there is a simple project for which you need just untreated wooden boards, stain, a paint brush, a dowel and brackets. The instruction of it is simple and very easy to make with the explanations how to hang reclaimed pallet shelves.

For instance, to make creative DIY boards you can find reclaimed wood, metal pipes, and other things such as a table saw, a tape measure, sandpaper, screw and a drill. In special resources there are many step by step instructions that will help to make the desired project from the beginning until the end, other words from the template making to enjoy the final result on your wall.

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Pallets also are very often used in boards creating, especially if it concerns DIY furniture projects. If you do not have a desire, the transformation will take a little free time. Used reclaimed pallet shelves look really amazing if you do know what you are looking for in individual design.

Of course, if you want you can make the great transformation of the pallets or just make the simple altering of used wood into desired variant. For instance, you can use this simple example for your usage – find the wooden pallet, cut it in three separate parts and create three different shelves from this material. Such variant is perfect for magazines and books storing and keeping them in order.

Other Materials in Making Reclaimed Pallet Shelves

Of course, the wood is definitely the main popular material for reclaimed pallet shelves and other furniture pieces or accessories making. But this is not the single choice. For example, marble is the good variant as well. Some designers propose to use marble tiles instead of wooden boards. While this, the rest of the construction and building process remains in the same shape like wood ones.

Many different variants of stylish and original boards with marble ties using could be found in various resources. To create the great shelves you can use also other things such as leather cord and scissors. It is easy to begin with cutting two cord of equal length. Then tie every end into a knot the way it will have a loop at the top. After this lay the cords into a cross and take it on the top. Tie the knot in the place where cords will meet at the top. It is easy to use a hanging planter stand.

How to Make Floating Boards With Reclaimed Pallet Shelves For Bathroom

Floating reclaimed pallet shelves are simply but at the same moment they are quite practical, versatile and original, much more as they seem at first sight. There are many interesting variants of DIY projects, such as copper boards for instance. This design will look perfectly in any design and interior.

  1. The chunky wood shelves look stylish and beautiful in any interior – many designers propose this decision to their projects. Such variant has beauty and charm and differ by perfectly-balanced proportions. With the special finish it is easy to emphasize the beauty of the wood and unique pattern of the material.Floating reclaimed pallet shelves are the best variant about storage in small room or other free space. For instance, it is the good decision to place such boards in the dining room. Besides, elegant beautiful pieces could be bought with pretty small budget. After the purchasing you may customize the size of shelves according to your own taste and needs.
  1. What do you think about interesting and creative corner reclaimed pallet shelves for bathroom? They look great because they help to use the part of the room that usually stays empty, and also they look original in any interior. Show your designer’s talent and adjust the spacing between boards and the pattern that they make as well.As you have already seen, it is easy to place floating boards in any room of your home, such as offices, living room, or bedroom. They are easy to hang especially if you well imagine how the boards should look in finish. All needed materials for installing normally is available in any home–wood boards, screws, fasteners, paints, glue, a drill, a saw and sandpaper. Of course, if you do not have something at home you can buy it.
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