How Your Wooden Furniture is Made and Caring for Your Furniture

Dark Wood Outdoor Furniture

For making wooden pieces we use strongest wood for furniture, an inner board that is covered by real wood veneer. Many kinds of wood for furniture are available for different ranges or combine both of them. For example, Ardennes dining pieces will perfect fulfill to the rustic style of the room.

Solid Wood and Veneers for Making Pieces

Features of custom solid wood furniture:

  • This material look very beautiful, and it is very desirable because has popular upmarket reputation. Besides, it does not matter that solid wooden pieces costs much more than veneered products.
  • If you want to buy all your pieces in one color than try to choose all items from one batch because different trees have different varying characteristics. So later it would be not easy to find almost close colors.
  • Remember, that some types of tree can have some special grain patterns, blemishes, knots or burrs. They are not defects, they are just the natural part of the material and do not need to be gone.

Wonderful Deluxe Wood Kitchen

Features of veneers:

  • This material is produced by cutting the thin slivers of natural tree direct from the log. Then these slivers cover the inner boar such as MDF, particle board or similar, cheaper material.
  • The weight of veneers is much lighter. So it is easy to move than solid wood.
  • Also this material is stronger than solid one because of modern technology and used adhesives.
  • It has a less possibility to twist or warp.
  • Thanks to the way of slivers arrangement it is easy to make some distinctive patterns and effects on the flat surfaces for example, table tops, drawer fronts, tools and so on.
  • Using veneers you can reduce demands on natural wood that has positive influence on environmental safety.
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Rustic Wooden Kitchen

Carrying for finish wood furniture

Beautiful wood furniture could be made with lacquered or oiled finish. If the material is not untreated, it could have only colorless wax covering.

  • If the furniture has lacquer or wax finish, than it is enough to be dusted using a soft dry cloth.
  • Waxed furniture has to be processed by beeswax several times a year.
  • A spray could be used for polishing but do not buy ones that contain silicones – they could spoil the surface.
  • Protect pieces from liquids and heat by using placemats and coasters.
  • Avoid sunlight because it will produce a mellow the color of wood.
  • Check the level of humidity.

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