5 Extraordinary Ideas of Black and White Furniture Set Decor

Add few bright pillows on black and white sofa to get the perfect match.

Black and white furniture set is the most popular combination of classic colors that has no age. But you can take it for creating fun, original eclectic print of stripes and these colors become trendy. Walls, the floor, just a few accents with stripes and your home is transformed.

Here few simple ideas of how to paint a room with stripes for getting an inspiration and you will transformation right now!

5 Ideas of Black and White Furniture Set for Your Interior

  1. Create the accent living room. Typically the living room is clean and tidy; you may add an original interior design palette in this space by applying a beautiful rug. This item with dramatic stripes will transform your interior from a classic into the modern one. Add few bright pillows on the sofa to get the perfect match. Just do not use it too much.
  2. Paper the walls. If you feel you need your interior design wall colors as white and black stripes, do it. It may be only an accent wall in a hallway or even in the bathroom. All your guests will like it! It could be the new artwork in your home. Sure, you can do these stripes by yourself.
  3. As a headboard. Take off your old boring and traditional headboard and pay attention to black and white furniture set ideas. A bit of stripes in simple bedroom give the style and individuality to the space without damage to chic and elegant décor. Plus, few horizontal stripes will make the room bigger visually. If you can’t find the right wallpaper, you can create the DIY project, why not!
  4. Textile for furniture. These classic interior paint colors can be also used for covering the black and white furniture set as well. You may make an accent chair or even sofa for your living room or bedroom and bring an eclectic touch to the space. Do you need an extra sparkle for your interior? Then, take this idea!
  5. Dress the windows. Decorate your windows with something unique and trendy. Stripes on the window will bring the artistic touch and open your living room. Such a dressing is fresh, trendy and interesting. Match it with French style or mix different styles and colors in one space.
5 Extraordinary Ideas of Black and White Furniture Set Decor updated: May 4, 2021 by author: Ana White
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