11 Extraordinary Ideas of Vintage Velvet Furniture for Living Room Decor

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If you start to transform or decorate your living room with vintage velvet furniture and do not know how to do it right, then this information will be interesting for you for sure. Here you can find most popular and trendy ideas you can use in your interior.

But, please, don’t use all of vintage velvet furniture at the same time – just one or few for one space.

Popular Tips for Living Room Transformation with Vintage Velvet Furniture

  1. Blue and white living room design reminds coastal, beachy and Cape Cod. This is relaxing and friendly tone – all guests will like your home and will visit you often.
  2. Sunburst decoration is a trendy thing recent years and we can meet starburst mirror in living room of many homes. You may apply a sunburst cut everywhere you want, for example on a table top or piece of art.
  3. Vintage velvet furniture fits any style of the house and gives a luxury element to the space.
  4. Few chairs such as club ones, arm chairs or dining small leather chairs for living room are the good choice for contemporary design. Thus, a red sofa may shock your interior, but few chairs in the same tone look more versatile. Besides, chairs cost cheaper than large vintage velvet furniture and you can change the upholstery when you want.

  5. Original sunburst can be created with unique mirrors. If you prefer individuality then consider different methods to create a sunburst touch. For instance, put on painted branches around the mirror and you will get amazing and unique mirror concept.
  6. Decorative bench for living room is not a comfortable sofa. But for small spaces, such seating places could be suitable. If you try to apply more seating and not to overcrowd the space then add a bench to your home.
  7. Large bookshelves could not be placed in every room of the house, but a living area is an area where you can do it. Choose some small bookshelves with amazing design to book place storage.
  8. The flat surface is a necessary thing for the living space. Probably, you wanted to put the glass but you could not find the good surface for it. If you like a soft ottoman, but prefer to add a functional flat surface then consider a top to fit perfectly over the ottoman. They can be used always or from time to time.
  9. Industrial style is always popular. Give the alive and light-reflective tops to the room with few metallic elements. For example, buy a side table made of steel tiles etc. Small metallic elements are a great decision for any room.
  10. Deconstructed art is a simple DIY project you can realize in your living room, but completely imperfect. Combine a deconstructed detail of wall art with different compared patterns in the entire living room. This will show the style feeling of the owner of the house.
  11. Floor lamps, large frames and great lampshades work very well as lighting option in a living room. They give the perfect lighting near cozy pieces of vintage velvet furniture, besides you can move them easily unlike wall scones if you would like to do it. This is an interesting way to show a statement piece.
11 Extraordinary Ideas of Vintage Velvet Furniture for Living Room Decor updated: June 5, 2021 by author: Ana White
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