Layered Carpet: 9 Resourceful Ideas How to Decorate Your House

Matching Colorful Rugs

Layered carpet can be a complex thing. Everybody wants to buy the right size and color that will be in trend next year as well.

Maybe you have heard about rug layering. If you had not, then you do not know the main secret. Layering rugs can solve all your problems. Here few original tips that will help you in understanding how layering rug can transform your room and give it the new look.

9 Ideas of Layered Carpet Using

  1. Do you want your rug to look expensive and match the size? Then look at layered carpet. You may use two carpets in one room – just buy the rug in calm color and perfect size and install a smaller layered carpet on top. You will have the original variant that will cost nothing.
  2. Sometimes the living room is very large and it is very difficult to fulfill the whole floor. But don’t plop a small carpet on top of a large one, just put on them across the corner to cover the floor and make the space original.
  3. When you put on two layered carpets near each other or on top you would like to be sure that these carpets will complete each other in color and a pattern. Thus, buy one carpet in navy tone and other small seagrass rug. Remember the picture of the first carper when you go to the store to combine all two rugs together before buying it.
  4. Choosing the layering rugs is a good way to combine the texture of your room. for instance, one of the rug can be made from sheepskin, it is very soft material that gives the pleasant feel every morning when you get up.
  5. If you have a small apartment then choose rug layering for making the illusion of having few rooms in your home. Cover the whole floor with a large rug, then place a small vines wool rug in the living room and another one near the bed. It will change your small living space.
  6. When it comes to choose the color remember one important rule. The bottom rug must be a basic color without matter what color is on top. Black, white, grey is a good base that compare with any crazy pattern you would like to put on top.
  7. There is an interesting combination of striped rugs. Just cover few striped carpets against each other in the way stripes go horizontally and vertically. Thus, your rug becomes the eye-catching.
  8. Animal skin is a good choice but such a large layered carpet costs too much. Put small size of this rug on top of a rectangle carpet.
  9. Sometimes we have rugs for a long time and do not want to part with them. You should not. Just buy a small carpet to hide the worn bits on the antiqua rugs.
Layered Carpet: 9 Resourceful Ideas How to Decorate Your House updated: June 4, 2021 by author: Ana White
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