Living Space Interior Design: 18 Helpful Tips To Decor

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Nobody knows everything about living space interior design and interiors and if there are some tips, they are always helpful. Most people know at least some tips about living space interior design. This article is devoted to more tips that could help you while decorating most places in your home.

Tips To Decor a Living Space Interior Design

  • The first advice is to measure the area where you want to place your new rug.
  • Before going to the store, decide the orientation of the rug. You need to look around in order to find out which position of it is the most successful. This usually depends on arrangement of the furniture, room’s layout, and the type of your future rug.
  • Adding texture is a wise decision if you want to make a cool living space interior design. There is a lot of options and each of them has unique characteristics. For example, try textiles to add texture. You can do this with accent sofa pillows, throw blanket, etc.
  • You already know how to choose the rug correctly. This really helps when you find out that rug can add more texture to the space. Really, almost any space feels and looks empty without the one.
  • The idea of adding texture with plants might seem unexpected, but really helpful. Moreover, except texture, indoor plants can improve your concentration, mood and purify the air in the room.

  • There are numerous living space interior designs and the best ones include texture. Great way to add it, is to use antique furniture pieces with a beautiful patina. It adds style and warmth to the space.
  • Arranging several focal points in the room is another option. You can achieve it by one of dozens of possible ways. One of them is to make one piece of furniture become a statement element. Oversized piece featuring bold colors, having uncommon shape or vivid patterns is the best choice.
  • Choose a piece of art which has no featuring colors with the color palette of the room. Now it makes a statement. Another way to make a sculpture or a painting to stand out is to use accent lighting in uncommon spots.
  • Smart living space interior design may include such options like a statement wall. Make the wall to stand out from the rest painting it differently. Choose an eye-catching wallpaper or pattern, thus, setting any selected theme.
  • Are you passionate about something? Are you collecting something, like books, insects, vases or gadgets? Such collections will greatly personalize the area and make living space interior design.
  • Another option of smart living space interior design is also displaying pieces of art, but those which are almost similar to each other and have slight differences. For example, this may be a series of paintings following one theme but having a few different details, like the same picture designed in different styles.

  • Display collections of photos or paintings but use matching frames. Let the images feature same color palette, but still they should differ from the rest. This way, individual beauty of pieces will be saved and everybody will feel the strong cohesion between pictures.
  • If you do not tend to displaying personal photos or any type of paintings, try to display simple mirrors, but do not forget to choose different frames for them.
  • Another collection of objects that may be displayed on the wall shelf, or elsewhere, can contain different things that do not have anything in common at all. Here you may put together kettle, candle, vase and framed picture.
  • Your space, being without unusual shapes, proportions or accent colors, will never look dull if you mix several different wood finishes. As a result, you have slightly different colors, textures and styles. Moreover, wood pieces always make design and interiors warmer and more elegant.

  • Most designs of the interior include such important detail like buffers. With its help you can accentuate textures, materials or colors in the room. As an example, imagine a rug separating, made of the same wood, table and a floor. Without the rug, this picture would have a dull look.
  • If you know something about living space interior design, then you know that symmetry is considered as the feature of traditional style. Actually, this is not always right. Such method can be used in any other style, when it is needed to create a sense of calmness and order in the room. If correctly organized these symmetrical configuration will make the room feel relaxing.
  • If you want to have your things in order and the room to be free of clutter, do not let useless things to gather on counters and shelves around the house. Try to leave there only things with any purpose. If you won’t, the space will become overloaded by decorative items and will feel uninviting and tiresome.
Living Space Interior Design: 18 Helpful Tips To Decor updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White
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