How to Make a New Look of Your Kitchen With Kitchen Window Coverings

Natural Linen Kitchen Curtain

New Year is coming and it needs new kitchen curtains. Maybe you wanted to hear some other thing. But modern kitchen tier curtains can update even the grimiest kitchen in your house. They absorb all cooking scents and after all, it is difficult to get them off. If they are near the cooking surface then they can accumulate grease and usual dust as well.

The sun also has the negative influence on your textile and makes colors and patterns fading. Actually, it is good to update curtains once in a while. Here you will find few informative tips for upgrading your kitchen.

Tips of Upgrading Kitchen Window Coverings

  • It is a well-known fact that plain roman shade is a win-win variant. These ones roll up and away, so they stay clean for a long time. And neutral shade fits any interior.
  • Toile is very often met in our kitchens. Not only grandmas prefer them. Choose a two-tone toile with original pattern and get the rustic touch in your interior.
  • Simple neutral is also popular nowadays, especially in kitchen window coverings. Probably you have enough various colors in the kitchen, and you can allow yourself to add neutral fabric a bit. Choose the one with pom pom edge and get original décor as well.
  • If you see the beautiful sun through your window every day, then don’t cover it. Buy few sheer linen curtains that look light and soft. This is the cute kitchen window curtains ever.
  • You have white pieces of furniture, tile, and trim … don’t choose white curtains, why? Make your kitchen a possibility to look amazing with a bright floral curtain.
  • Do you want to choose the perfect décor for your home? Then hang striped curtains made as roman shades. Your interesting textile rolls into one functional piece.
  • If the rest of your house has bold patterns on the textile, you should not change the main idea in the kitchen. A valance here with the original pattern on the neutral base can mix with another décor in your home and match with it.
  • Macrame is still often used in home decorating. Using it as a kitchen curtain gives the style and boho touch to your space.
  • Linen curtains are the win-win variant. When you have already chosen all thrifty options for your home, pay a lot of attention on linen blind curtains for windows. They will complete your décor and will look like a million dollars decoration.

How to Make a New Look of Your Kitchen With Kitchen Window Coverings updated: March 26, 2018 by author: Linda Carpenter
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