8 Colorful Ideas of Modern Baroque Furniture Design

POLaRT Furniture is the Mexico- and US-based company that creates French modern baroque furniture.

POLaRT is the Mexico- and US-based company that creates French modern baroque furniture that may be described with different characteristics, but nobody will never say that their pieces are dull or boring. Exciting mixture of colors and unique designs results in a great variety of modern baroque furniture pieces, from which any person will find at least one to take home.

During one of the interviews Josue Reynoso, CEO and Founder of POLaRT, discovered some company’s secrets and talked about their plans for the future.

Examples of POLaRT Modern Baroque Furniture

The history of POLaRT started in 1979. When Josue’s father opened a workshop, it was called PolRey. He started from the reproduction of French Provencal frames with the help of polyurethane and molds. In several years the company became the biggest one among other factories that specialized in modern Baroque furniture. Finally, Josue Reyonso took over the baton and decided to create modern baroque furniture combining best from the past with modern and even tomorrow’s ideas.

The main distinguishing feature of the company is using bold daring colors. As the Founder says, in this manner he tries to break free from “sameness”. Here you may find gold French furniture or pink baroque chair that, despite their uniqueness and boldness, could help at least one person to break free from “sameness”.

Today, designers all over the world advise people willing to renew their home not to use same colors and shapes through the house. Today’s trend is to mix styles and brands, as well as the prices. The same is with POLaRT’s products. They never stay unnoticeable. Once you’ve seen. for example, baroque table, you probably want to take it home and put it in your favorite place in the room.

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One of the main Company’s rules is never to create something ordinary. For example, lately they have been creating the collection called “Day of the Dead”, that will include skull-modeled modern baroque furniture pieces in the common for POLaRT color palette. The main idea is to make some Mexican traditions to be closer. As Josue said – the design process is often close to sculpture. Once, they have created an exciting collection of sunflower table and butterfly chairs.

The most popular product in their stores is chairs. Antique furniture legs make them look chic, all the more so chairs are the most welcoming furniture pieces in every home. The more chairs, the more guests.

Each year they please customers with new finishes. The latest one is going to be introduced this year, and it will be a velvet finish. Definitely, continuing in the same vein, these modern baroque furniture pieces will earn more and more followers each year. Any house or apartment can be easily enhanced with the help of at least one piece from the collection and all visitors will not leave this piece of modern baroque furniture unnoticed.

8 Colorful Ideas of Modern Baroque Furniture Design updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White

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