Modern Rustic Room: 4 Important Decor Ideas

Lithuanian House Has A Wood-burning Stove In The Living Area

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and there is an interesting and original houses with modern rustic room, cute and beautiful. Prusta created this design in 2016 but it changes from typical contemporary buildings. This 120 square meter house sets apart from other buildings because it looks different, realizes contradictory trends, matching elements, and becomes harmonious.

Probably, you will like the materials that are used in the entire house such as natural oak wood, marble, rustproof steel, glass surfaces, metal, and various types of textiles in modern rustic room. The basic color is chromatic, warm palette and tones prevail. Oriental rugs are needed to make the basic highlight, as a source of light and space for pattern making.

The creators realized the space in elementary and uncluttered manner, without decreasing the comfort and cozy atmosphere. This is very interesting design of modern rustic room. To highlight the minimalist approach to the decoration the designers propose to make walls, floors in natural wood paint colors.

This design decision is focused on minimalistic approach with an ordinary twist. The spaces are realized in different pieces of furniture represented in contemporary, industrial, rustic or antique elements. For instance, the designers propose to put the tall bookcase that can be used as a space divider. This metallic frame combines with different colors placed on shelves.

How to Decorate the Modern Rustic Room

For the living and eating space, designers propose the open area under the inclined tall ceiling and big windows that give a lot of light and combine the interior space with other elements. The views from these windows are not exciting and wonderful, but they are charming a bit.

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The minimalist interior design is completed with old and new elements. You may use:

  • old cupboards,
  • tables,
  • different antique chairs,
  • contemporary wall units.

All these elements can combine with different details. Thus, choose the industrial hood or stainless steel as a tabletop that looks like the typical restaurant kitchen so on. This kitchen is cozy and practical and fits for any space in modern rustic room.

Bedrooms can also be decorated with rustic style interior. Design them in a contradictory and complementary manner. This interior will realize the practical and decorative decision. One of the bedrooms can have a concrete ceiling, neutral walls, light wooden floor, large windows, and simple white wall units. For completing the décor buy original light fixtures, an interesting rug with ethnic pattern and so on.

The bedroom can also be a modern rustic room. The accent wall is made with a tiled one, decorate the floor with wooden color tiles (the similar color can be used in the bedroom also), metal bowl sink that is placed on a solid wooden vanity.

Choose the style of the master suite for the kids’ bedroom. Even bare walls and floor can look cozy and warm. Add an original rug with an interesting pattern, long curtains for large windows and other eye-catching accents.

Modern Rustic Room: 4 Important Decor Ideas updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White

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