Modern Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets: 8 Obvious Use Ideas

The process of choosing wood cupboards and pecan wood kitchen cabinets may be difficult work.

The main furniture on your kitchen the modern solid wood kitchen cabinets are. These pieces also make the whole look of this room and organize the space here. Thus, all necessities have right places always close at hand. Ideas in cuisine design change every few years and modern trends after several years may look dated. So, the process of choosing wood cupboards and modern solid wood kitchen cabinets may be difficult work.

Repairs and replacing the cuisine set needs big investment, so it is better to make right choice and enjoy the beautiful and comfortable furniture for many years. There are many ideas in cabinets’ design that have different functions or style. The perfect variant is timeless best modern solid wood kitchen cabinets.

Interesting Ways to Use Modern Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Here are few variants that will look perfect in classic look kitchen and stay on trend throughout years.

  1. The color to cuisine furniture. Nowadays modern solid wood kitchen cabinets in dark colored wood were replaced by colored ones. Such painted furniture may give the personality to every kitchen. It is useful that some cupboards with pictures could be repainted if you have decided that paint is not pretty anymore. Thus, you do not need to replace them all. Besides, today using of bold colors does not mean applying bright yellow or other saturated primary ones. To make classic style it is enough to use neutral paints, such as grey, blue, mint, or white.
  2. Use textured pecan wood kitchen cabinets. This and other types of wood are always perfect variant to cuisine furniture, and a material has high value. Fresh update could be done from exotic woods with striped grain on them. These strips are needed for making texture and interesting pattern to the piece.
  3. Cupboards with high gloss. Such design will be the good decision to classic style cuisine. Besides, this material is easy to be cleaned by using soft, damp rug. Reflective surface will enhance the color of the wood, its pattern and make the cuisine brighter.

  4. Two tons in cupboard can make the creative look of the kitchen. It is easy to make the effect of transition one color into another. To do this you may use following ways:
    • Different tones on high and low pieces. As an example one tone for lower modern solid wood kitchen cabinets and different paint to upper pieces. Complementary colors help to make new and stylish look. The good idea also to use deeper shade of one shade in lower cupboards and lighter shade for top pieces.
    • Two-tone furniture. You do not need to mix colors, just choose two-tone cabinet. Remember, repeating this effect can look very busy. Today there is popular variant when one color is to a cupboard and a door, and second color is for exterior frame.
  5. Kitchen cupboards in Rustic style. To realize high-design kitchen style you may use maple wood for cabinets made in Rustic style. A warm and inviting atmosphere is possible thanks to combination rustic wooden furniture and modern technologies.

  6. Whitewashed furniture. Contemporary European cuisine style does not exist without whitewashed best wood for building modern solid wood kitchen cabinets. This method gives the high-end look to the cuisine and never getting old.
  7. Cupboards with floating effect. Simple effect makes the kitchen interesting. The space up looks open because of floating cupboards in the low. The lighting under them will give the floating feeling more exciting. Besides, this location is very functional and even people with back problems may use modern solid wood kitchen cabinets without problem.
  8. Cuisine pieces from bamboo. They look green and solid. This tree grows very fast, so using this material does not destroy the environment.
Modern Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets: 8 Obvious Use Ideas updated: August 18, 2020 by author: Ana White
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