Bocote Furniture

Bocote Furniture

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Bocote Furniture

Bocote: is a plant from borage family. It is a blooming plant, consists of over 300 variants of bushes and trees on the globe. You can find Bocote in warm climate regions. It refers to several Central American regions, and listed among our top 5 most costly wood all over the world. It also has a wide range of using: a lot of its family kinds are popular for fragrance because Bocote is very aromatic wood. Some of them are often used to food preparing because it is edible fruits. Also it can be good for making glue. But the most popular area of using is making Bocote furniture, decorative and musical instruments.


  • 9charlotte

    I’m having trouble sticking the bocote on the table. My attempt was with Titebond II, the connection failed even after spending the night in the clamps. I will try using poly glue or 2-part epoxy. any suggestions?

  • liamliam79

    about 2 years ago I assembled a bocote table using Titebond and it holds up perfectly today. I would try light sanding before gluing. Good luck!

  • goumason

    The pieces of my Bocote furniture are drying over a week and are still not completely dry. Does anyone know what prevents the drying of this wood?

  • owennight

    The oil in oily woods such as bocote can slow the drying of oil-based materials, be it oil or varnish. Oil can interfere with the good adhesion of the lacquer coating. I suggest wiping the surfaces with acetone to wipe the oil off the surface. After that, the first coat can be applied to the treated coating before it has time to become oiled.

  • wyatttricky

    Bocote is one of my favorites. It is heavy and hard and also polishes like marble, moderately oily, so I always use epoxy to glue it.

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