Lignum Vitae Furniture – Table

Lignum Vitae Furniture – Table

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Lignum Vitae Furniture

Lignum Vitae furniture: is well known thanks to the Caribbean and the northern coast of South America. Here are trees of the sort Guaiacum are grown. This territory is a major export harvest to Europe since 1500 years. Lignum Vitae are very strong, tough and solid – this all make this kind of wood one of the most expensive in the world. Lignum Vitae are a national plant of the Bahamas and the Jamaica. And on its native land it has also a high price because of its heavy export. We can call all these trees best furniture wood because of their qualities. The manufacturers create very beautiful and exciting sofas, beds, wardrobes, chairs and even outdoor furniture. The great minus is only their high price.


  • Aiden

    Is lignum vitae the hardest wood? or it is not? I am just looking for material for outdoor furniture? and heard that lignum vitae is very good for that

  • Jacob

    It has always seemed to me that a curly cherry or pear is better for this. But if you have access to lignum vitae, then it is better to take this. As a rule, it is a very dense self-lubricating wood that is excellent for outdoor furniture. Lignum vitae furniture realy rules!

  • Abigail

    What is lignum vitae wood generally used for?

  • Matthew M.

    Abigail, lol, for example I have to share – here’s some Lignum Vitae bearings for a water powered turbine (inside the turbine, actually). 🙂

  • Joshua89

    It is quite true that lignum vitae is the densest and heaviest wood that quickly sinks to the bottom in water.

  • Avary2000

    very interesting, never heard of this tree, what does a lignum vitae tree look like? and how fast does lignum vitae grow?

  • Chloecat

    Avary2000, lignum vitae looks like a large artisanal tree with a beautiful flowering, here is more information and this tree –

  • masongrey

    lignum vitae furniture isn’t so popular and there are reasons for this, firstly, lignum vitae is endangered and hard to get. Also lignum vitae or any other oily tropical wood needs to be carefully prepared before applying poly or spar, this is a resource-intensive process, if not done correctly, you can get a finish that will never dry.

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