Murphy Beds For Small Rooms In Your House

Functional Contemporary Wood Murphy Bed

When we talk about really small spaces and narrow rooms, there is always one question arised – how to preserve such a valuable space and fit in the room such needed pieces of furniture like bed or wardrobe. The only thing which may help in this situation is a Murphy bed. In this article I will explain what are Murphy beds and will take a closer look at the most popular design ideas of this furniture.

Small space for living is a common problem for modern people all over the world. Guest rooms and dormitories often need to be furnished the way that its small space must have functions of a desk or closet in the day, and function of the bedroom at night. Thanks to new technology, this problem may be solved after the purchase of one item – Murphy bed, which combines both functions.

Brown And White Stained Wooden Murphy Bed With Shelves

In general, there are hundreds of design ideas, but we will consider only the most popular and the most functional ones.


Model has a large and full size mattress. In the daytime this piece will serve you like a functional desk, and in the night you will have a comfortable sleeping place.


Quality Murphy beds probably will be the most flexible and unique. Thanks to modern technology we may work on laptops anywhere, not being tied to desk. Comfortable seating place with a beautiful shelf over it, which in the evening turns to a great place for sleep, isn’t it what you were dreaming about? Moreover, wilding Murphy beds fit best in the living rooms, where they add coziness and warmness.

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Murphy bed “Leo” is a great choice for rooms which perform at once several different functions like, for example, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The bed itself is hidden under the shelves, which look quite natural when folded. You can easily use them as a display for photos or statuettes.

Wooden Quality Murphy Bed


If you need a computer desk that may turn to a comfortable bed, then “Tale” is what you need. Students will definitely appreciate it’s functionally and comfort.


I’m sure that each mobile person will value the idea of a bed construction, which includes a desk on the other side. Moreover, it is on wheels. Therefore, it can be easily moved to any place you want. Students who live in campus often need such features in their furniture.


Ground-breaking beds, which are hidden in pretty storage shelves. The most important purpose of these Murphy beds for small rooms is to make each person sleeping there to feel as comfortable as possible. Moreover, this model offers not only nice place to storage things, but also desk, which may become a great working place or a place for other activities.

Double Side Murphy Bed

“Mr. Hide”

Having big family is cool. But sometimes it is time to think where your relatives will sleep when they stay in your place for a weekend. Model is made to turn your living room into place where three people at once may have a comfortable sleep without interfering with each other. Just imagine, one coach turns onto three separate beds!

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Vertical bunk bed, which is mounted into the wall. It appears like a twin bed and ensures fast folding. This model is good for arrangement of sleeping places in fire departments, shelters or other public areas. The absence of railings makes it not the best choice for children.


It is the biggest Murphy bed and includes more functions than any other. Wardrobe storage capacity, shelves, cot – all is in one this model. Of course, the construction is a bit more difficult and heavy, but on the other hand this item replaces the whole furniture in the room.

Murphy beds and closets is a new word in the world of small living rooms and tiny bedrooms. Choose your model and have maximum profit from free space in the room.

Murphy Beds For Small Rooms In Your House updated: December 1, 2016 by author: Linda Carpenter

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