6 Gorgeous Narrow Farm Table Designs For Your Country House

Oval Tempered Glass Table Top

Narrow farm table it’s an important part of kitchen interior design in country house. Nevertheless all furniture pieces in our homes have their own goal. Some of them are created because of the big need in them, and others are made to add beauty, comfort and symmetry to our homes.

Console tables are those pieces of furniture we can live without, but if you decide to own such item it will totally change the aesthetics of the place it would be placed in. Actually this piece of furniture is the one that can complete not only the entryway or bedroom. Think of it like of the dining table in a small kitchen or dining room.

Several Narrow Farm Table Designs That Can Be A Good Option For Completing Interior

  1. Lapias is not just a narrow farm table; it is a piece of art that have a strong sculptural appearance. Its unique design has a lot in common with a cracked stone. Its structure is made of mahogany, but it is not obvious at all. Lapias has polished surface contrasting to its stainless steel finish of the rest of its surface. Consider it a narrow patio dining table where you and your family could spend pleasant time together.
  2. Newton console table looks very eye-catching and futuristic. Its sculptural design was inspired by the same named dining table. it is whole made of aluminum black or white spheres with several golden spheres. It may look heavy, but anyway can be a good idea for your kitchen.
  3. Are you tired of searching for a narrow farm table to place it in your little kitchen? Here is Aureola, handcrafted narrow farm table with a thin and sleek metal base. Its base can be made of different species of wood and you can also choose from the great number of finish options. This way you can find the best suit for your needs and for your décor as well.

  4. Organizing modern décor in your small kitchen is not so easy. And now, when all main work is done you still have to choose a narrow farm table that will perfectly fit into your space that will stand out from the crowd of typical tables and also will give the possibility to sit more than one-two people. Revolution – this is the option. It has a lot of character and charm and is pretty versatile. There are several versions of it, and you may choose one that will be perfect for your needs. Revolution has a vintage base that combines with a granite top. Isn’t it the perfect option for modern decors?
  5. Looking for slim extendable dining table? Take all the benefits of Metaphysic side table in your dining room. It is designed in an art-deco style. It can be both a great addition to the standard narrow farm table and a standalone piece paired with stool or chair.
  6. Chantal is a slender, timelessly beautiful and elegant side table that is a good option for narrow farm table if you need one. Its design combines solid ash wood frame, either marble or glass top, and additional shelf, that have same characteristics with the top. Chantal is even more functional than all previously mentioned pieces. The shelf gives you the opportunity to store any things you must always have at hand.

This is another 24 wide dining table that might be used in several ways. It is called Pilotis and although it has robust and solid construction, its appearance is very light and delicate. Smooth and soft curves of Pilotis, versatility of its colors, textures and sizes make it a unique piece that may have dozens of probable functions.

6 Gorgeous Narrow Farm Table Designs For Your Country House updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White
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