Natural Floating Shelves: 6 Most Popular Styles for Kitchen

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Beautiful functional zones like natural floating shelves and comfortable ideas for keeping needs can transform kitchen interior in modern design trends. Modern kitchen design is influenced by new technologies, which brings advanced kitchen appliances and contemporary materials into homes.

Nowadays the best design for kitchen is practical, stylish and popular trends. Those who like vintage style or shabby chic kitchen decor, are happy to have some smart technology, kitchen appliances, tools and advanced storage ideas into kitchen interiors.

New Trends in Natural Floating Shelves Design

2016 is the year of mixing wooden surface with neutral colors or bright accents. This manner will suit for eclectic interiors and ethnic interior decorating as well. Also, space saving ideas are very popular this year. It can be compact dining furniture, small dining tables and light chairs and corner sofas, or small kitchen island on wheels. The fantasy can express itself in creation or decoration kitchen shelves. Open natural floating shelves divide people into two groups: those who like it and those who think that this kind of shelves attract dust. Anyway, designers propose, you decide.

So, today the most popular styles for kitchen shelves are:

  • in the kitchen in high-tech and minimalist small wood wall shelves of strict forms and colors with backlight are appropriate;
  • in Scandinavian interior and loft-style kitchen massive or light natural floating shelves of chipboard, wood, rough planks, old boxes and pallets look spectacular;
  • to Provence, shabby chic, country and classic style decorative shelves on metal consoles, artificially aged and country-style rough will fit;
  • the room, decorated in a modern style, black wood wall shelves with glass and metal will fit perfectly;
  • for a comfortable kitchen in a contemporary style shelves-lattice for tableware or racks for wine bottles are often used;
  • corner natural floating shelves are the most effective and practical way to use the space.

Particular Qualities of Natural Floating Shelves

Wooden shelves are affordable and practical decision. They will look especially appropriate in a classical interior, or in Provence style. Bright ornamental carving on the surface of the natural floating shelves will add comfort and elegance for wooden kitchen in country style. Wood is an environmentally friendly material; simple wooden shelves have light weight and high strength. Once treated with a special mortar, they become resistant to moisture, rot and insects.

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There are also some disadvantages:

  • natural floating shelves can swell with frequent contacts with water;
  • they are attractive to insects, easily damaged by rodents.

But these disadvantages can be easily removed with a special treatment. In general, this material is very practical, durable and does not require special care.

As for the color solution, it all depends on the overall design of the room. So, if your kitchen is made in white color, bright natural floating shelves, such as red or green, or juicy colors will be attractive bright accent. By the way, if you did not find the right color shelves, and you have enough free time and a little imagination, you can make handmade shelves.

Natural Floating Shelves: 6 Most Popular Styles for Kitchen updated: September 19, 2020 by author: Ana White

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