A small cherry nightstand can look like a bedside chair or other usual thing.

Used Nightstands: 4 Popular Small Wood Nightstand Ideas

Bedroom is the most intimate room in any apartment. We can have a rest there, relax after hardworking day and spend a time alone. So, it is important to have perfect stylish room with comfortable and cozy furniture like used nightstands. In bedroom decor small wood nightstands play the second role, after bed of course. It is a place for…

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A natural wood dresser is necessary and comfortable piece of furniture.

Large Solid Wood Dresser: 3 Basic Rules of Choosing

Nearly all types of wood is suitable for making large solid wood dresser and other furniture, and some of them are favored because of their beauty, durability, workability. Before 1900, furniture makers used walnut, oak, mahogany, rosewood, fruitwood, and rare wood and inlays. Vintage American furniture was often made with maple, walnut, birch, cherry, and pine. All chosen furniture woods…

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Wood bed frame

Best Wood for Bed Frame: 13 Most Popular Soft and Hardwoods

For good mood, health and feeling, people have to sleep a lot on a comfortable bed. Scientists say that we spend a third of our life asleep. Choosing best wood for bed frame is a hard work, but it worth it. For production bed frames quality and robust wood is used. This material is practical and unpretentious in maintenance.

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Rectangle wood table

Custom Wooden Table: 5 Most Popular Woods for Manufacturing

Kitchen and dining room are the main places in any apartment. The whole family can gather together here for having dinner or supper, telling interesting stories and sharing a smile with relatives or friends. So, comfortable chairs and big table are required. Custom wooden table sets could be different sizes and colors, made from good materials, and most importantly, fit…

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