Painted Wood Table Set

Little Advices in Painted Wood Furniture Creation This type of painted wood chairs or other painted project is very exciting, because you can lib. You can use a painting wherever you want. Maybe then you will decide to paint all in contrasting color. Such black painted dresser will be a pop-art creation. You can follow such simple receptions: • What do you think about stripes on chairs? Anything will suit your future object. • A geometric pattern looks exciting and you can also use any colors you want. • Normally kids like bright, primary colors. • Teenagers, for example girls, will like various pastel shades. • Dark green color can provide a nice contrast with burnt orange. Here is a list of other tricks of painting that you can explore making painted furniture: • You can dilute acrylic paint with water or layer it over another color – you will have a batik effect. • You can add dimension using light blue crossing to purple area, in this way you can create a new shade. • You can buy clear acrylic gels which can dilute the color. It is your project – your experiment. Only you decide what to do.

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