Pallet Flooring: Handsome Hardwood Floor In Your Room

New Oak Pallet Wood Floor

Pallet floor is a kind of beautiful flooring that is suitable for residential apartment. There are people who think this floor could be used only for utility rooms, garages, cellars and other places not good for humans living, but good for animals, for example on farms. It is a mistake; in fact pallet flooring is beautiful decision for any home. This material is also good for furniture making, such as tables, sofas, desks, outdoor pieces, pretty wall and garden decoration, even pallet house building is possible – the imagination is no limited.

Pallet wood floor works perfect with different design styles, for example rustic, Mediterranean, Industrial, modern, shabby etc. You can use such floor for any room in your house – everywhere it will look stylish.

Pallet Wood Kitchen Floor

Make Good Visual Effect with Pallet Wood Floor

Nowadays many people use this kind of wood for creating different DIY projects. It is popular for home and outdoor furniture, decorations and flooring. Pallets are also good variant for fireplaces. Now it is laid in a warehouse, and earlier this floor was popular for commercial use. There are many ideas of pallet floor DIY projects, such as headboards for beds, herb gardens, or giving new life for old and not interesting pieces. You need just nice imagination, accurate dimensions and pallets of course.

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People who have not heard about this material before may ask some questions:

  • What is the process of pallets manufacturing?
  • Does this material is not dangerous?
  • Why does it is best variant for your flooring?
  • What do you have to know before buying pallet wood?

Natural Pallet Wood Floor

Pallets are very strong material made from premium grade lumber because its main goal is to withstand big and heavy transport. So all kinds of pallets are attached by needed nails, that is why this material is difficult to pull out. Pallets are often used in production, storage, trade and logistics acts, besides a lot of industrial, commercial and trading companies use wooden pallets.

Almost all wooden pallets are made from softwood that is durable and long lasting material. The most popular birch and pine are, because they are pliable and easy to work. Another wood species with good properties and perfect endured prolonged exposure to moisture larch is. This wood is also easy to work with and does not warp. For small parts of pallets juniper and yew are used very often. These types of wood have high strength and density. They are resistant to environmental effects, changes in temperature and humidity.

Pallets come in different shades, and this is important for pallet floor. For example larch has more than dozen colors. The color of natural wooden material depends on many factors. Remember that color could change after a while, thus pallets in outdoor decoration could be darker.

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Pallet Wood Living Room Floor

Pros and Cons of Pallet Wood Floor Using

Nowadays pallet flooring ideas are more popular due to advantages of this material. The greatest advantage is a low price also that is compared to different hardwood flooring. This material is cheap, and you have two variants – buy it for low price or get it for free.

Pallet wood is durable and strong material. It is easy to find. For example you may buy it from manufacturers, find already used wood in dialers, grocery stores, department stores, warehouses etc. The pros of pallets is its recyclable properties, you need just a little imagination to transform it into furniture pieces, garden furniture, parts of beds etc.

But this material also has some disadvantages. One of them is being in bacterial growth and possibility of developing fungus if kept damp for a long time. Such pallets are susceptible for termites’ attacks, ants and other insects, especially it concerns outdoor pieces.

Pallet Wood Wine Store Floor

Before planning pallet wood floor make sure that pallets are dry and stored in warehouse, thus you should consider about longer life of the material. Also the surface of such floor cloud be difficult to clean because of its rough. Be ready, dirt and stain easy go into the surface and then it is hard to remove them.

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Pallet Wood Floor: DIY Ideas and How to Make It

Some people could opt for DIY ideas and others want to hire professionals. If you have decided to install the wooden pallet floor alone make sure that your pallets have an IPPC logo. Choose one that has “MB” or “CT” mark. The mark “KD” and “DB” are not dangerous for your life. Make sure this material have had good conditions of saving for a long period.

Notice that you may choose any arrange of floor planks, for instance zigzag, Herringbone pattern, parquet pattern and so on. And do not forget about finishing that will protect your floor.

You may enjoy pallet wood flooring in magazine gallery, internet, and special catalogues. There are many variants of perfect patterns, finishes – find you own up idea.

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