Spirited Horse Home Decor for Your Room Interior

Horse Room Interior Decor

If you love horses too much, then you will like to bring at your place a horse home decor. In this décor, designers prefer the grace and look of horses. There are no rules and techniques in this decoration style; you just can start with a wonderful horse.

What to Choose for Wooden Horse Home Decor

  1. Colors

The classy colors for this theme are red, brown, dark, white, grey or mahogany. Normally horses have common colors.

You may use any of these colors in the painting of your walls or their combinations, or their shades. Make the only one accent wall in the brightest color. This method will create a dramatic room. Use the same bright color as different horse themed bedroom accessories such as window frames, cabinets, mantels or fireplaces.

It would be cool to have space where the natural floor is made in the same manner as walls. The colors on the natural stone are also perfect.

  1. Furniture

You can use wooden or metal pieces of furniture. These materials can bring the country charm into the room. Maybe, you find the original combination of wood and metal, for instance, realized in sofas, armchairs, tables, beds, cabinets, dressers etc. Your wooden horse home decor will impress all your guests for sure.

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Also, do not forget about tall and short lamps that are placed near your sofa or bed made in western style horse home decor. To give the additional light use pendant lighting, chandeliers, spots which will highlight the original accents of your interior.

Of course, equestrian room décor is impossible to imagine without horse-inspired decorative items. It differs from classy equine home decor. Find original pieces such as small wooden horses, art, posters, horse home decor bedding, sculptures, vases, and figures – all with horse print or form. Actually, everything you find will go with this decoration style, but do not use too much.

You can add some horse art at your place, for example, paintings, sculptures, carvings, and vintage items. Look for original pieces on flea markets and vintage stores.

Spirited Horse Home Decor for Your Room Interior updated: May 14, 2020 by author: Ana White

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