Rules of Handsome Colored Wood Floors

Japan Style Apartment With Wood Floor

Every person thinks that wood floors are very tender and require special care. It is hard to find more appropriate words to use. Yes, solid oak floor finished with polyurethane is hard to maintain, but there is an easy way to make this burden easier. Just follow several guidelines and it will become cinch to maintain.

#1 Take Off Your Shoes In Houses With Wood Floors

First, you’ll have to accept one rule – not to forget about taking of your shoes at once when you come home. Each member of your family also must stick to this rule. No exceptions! This is very important, especially if you do not want to constantly face with dirt on the oak hardwood floors that will definitely appear on the wood floor finish each time after somebody dears to make couple steps shod. This dirt works as an abrasive and makes your floors look dull with the time, leaving fine scratches on its surface. This fact brings us to the next tip.

Bedroom With Dark Wood Floor

#2 Do Not Forget About The Vacuum Cleaner For Prefab Hardwood Floors

Good vacuum cleaner – this is the first thing you should have in your storeroom when you think about wood floor in your house. It removes dirt and debris from every crack and crevice better than any other modern device. Choose one of modern canister vacuums or at least turn off the moving brush from your upright model when vacuuming.

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#3 There Is No Place For Spills And Scuffs On The Oak Hardwood Floors

Do not even dare to let the spills dry. They will not only make colored wood floors look dull, but also will attract more and more dirt. Dry these spills with any type of absorbent cloth. Light and heavier scuffs can be erased with a tennis ball or baking soda. And always buff dry!

Large Living Room With Contemporary Engineered Wood Floor

#4 Say No to Overwet Solid Oak Floor

There is a lot of houses with wood floors, and almost each of proprietors knows that letting water puddle on the prefab hardwood floors after wet cleaning is a crime. Moreover, there are numerous special products made to maintain wood floors. The best way is to figuratively divide the surface into several parts and clean one after another step by step wiping floor with the microfiber cloth.

Rules of Handsome Colored Wood Floors updated: December 26, 2016 by author: Linda Carpenter

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