5 Excited Rustic Bookshelves Designs for Your Living Room

Oak Industrial Shelves

DIY projects are very popular nowadays, and the simplest processing you can do alone at home is making rustic bookshelves. And it is not a talking about minimalist floating shelf type. In magazines there are many various projects and design ideas that everybody can use, some of them are stylish, interesting and practical. Every DIY idea has unique features and own way in making your house beautiful and stylish. So, choose the project you like best of all and try to realize rustic bookshelves in real life.

What Mean Rustic Bookshelves Designs for Living Room Interior

In fact it is easy to transform wood crates into beautiful wall shelves. Such crates should not be cutting; it is enough to mount them on the wall by using just screws and anchors for better fixing. The only processing could be made with wood boxes is staining. This part is easy and you will need just sandpaper, wood stain and old cloths to do it perfectly. And be sure such a great separate or combined boxes will decorate any free space in your home and will give more storage for little things keeping.

If you have a desire you can put together rustic bookshelves combined from lots of crates. They could have various shapes and sizes, and could be putted together as pieces of a puzzle, so in the final the composition will become good-looking and stylish. There are many places where you can find making instructions, follow it carefully.

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Another pretty nice variant is a combination of lots of wood crates as a tower unit. It is possible also to put separators in every section thus you will have more shelves. As a result your room will be decorated by beautiful and stylish rustic bookshelves furniture. Such shelving could be made of crates, wood boards, plywood or brackets. Modern magazines have many interesting ideas how to make this piece of furniture.

Stylish Industrial Design from Rustic Bookshelves

1. For decorating wooden shelves from repurposed crates copper pipes could be used. Besides, copper pipes could have many forms and create stylish decisions. It is easy to realize the project with washi tape, and hooks.

2. The copper could be the great accent on shelves and it gives the industrial look to the finish result and plays the important role in the room’s design. Making rustic bookshelves is an easy work. You will need copper pipe cut into few needed numbers, wood dowels, screws, anchors, some MDF pieces, wood glue and boards. Anyway, each individual projects need own list of supplies, check out it before using and making the stylish reclaimed oak shelves.

3. Shelves may differ by chic and simple design and they are not special themselves. But just wooden shelve and copper pipes make the piece unique and original. Plus you may also need planges, copper male adapters, crews and tube caps. It is possible to put this reclaimed pine floating shelf in the hallway, entryway, kitchen, laundry room and other space where it is needed to place books and other things as extra storage.

4. Making rustic bookshelves looked like industrial is easy with using only highlighting the hardware. Thus the shelves themselves could be simple wood boards. To attach the board it is easy to use L-brackets, and screw them into the wall. This project is quite simple but looks amazing in rustic style house.

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5. Another interesting variant is DIY version of industrial rustic bookshelves made from metal pipes and fittings. Before starting making this project check out the list of supplies needed for creating the new piece. After assembling the shelves you will need to fix them on the wall. Keep in mind, the pipes are heavy, and place them on the wall to be sure the shelves won’t sag.

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