8 Magical Scandinavian Living Room Furniture Ideas for Interior Design

Pretty nice variant for luxury scandinavian interior design is using faux fur textures.

Probably, Scandinavian living room furniture style is one of the simplest to apply in your own apartment. The main characteristic is a simplicity that goes through every room and decorative element. Especially it concerns a living room. The whole family is gathered together in this room, so this space should be cozy and warm with staying simply at the same time.

Some people think it is contradictionary but designers are sure that Scandinavian living room furniture décor will amaze you. Here are 8 advices how to decorate your living room in this style and get comfortable, functional, and beautiful space you and all your family will like.

Scandinavian Living Room Furniture Ideas at Your Home

  1. First step you can start with is applying textures in your interior. If you have not too much décor and extra things, then the decision is having linens or various types of weaves. For instance, add a jute rug under the coffee table. Put some a sweater-like throw blanket on the sofa. Buy a Danish design chair with a linen weave.
  2. Another pretty nice variant for Scandinavian bedroom furniture is using faux fur textures. It is produced in various shades, but it is better to use two of them – one (a light color) for a summer time and other (a dark shade) for a winter period. Such faux fur could add the interest and warmth to your interior. So put the pillow and a rug on the comfy chair or sofa.

  3. Some people are wondering where the colors appear in Scandinavian living room furniture design. Everything in this interior is gray and cream and it is necessary to look to the pastels and keep the clean vibes. A little pop could be added by pale pink, blue, yellow and green shades to an interior.
  4. To go ahead by putting a patterned rug will help. Choose some striped or geometric variant that will bring your room to the classic Scandinavian living room furniture design. Use this technique to transform your typical living room into the little family paradise.
  5. Maybe you have some country decorations (bent or not), a piece or two things made from rustic wood, and it will be the great decision to stay neutral and natural as well such as Scandinavian lamp design. You may buy this piece of Scandinavian living room furniture and do DIY project by yourself; it will help you to aid this décor goal for sure.

  6. One of the definite pieces of such décor is gallery walls. Choose pictures and photos in black, white and neutral tones thus you will hint on pastel shades in Scandinavian living room furniture interior. Choose few gilded frames for some pictures and create a unique and stylish gallery wall that will fit for any apartment.
  7. Most people prefer to change pictures and photos always, especially if they find the new love. In this case, you can choose a photo ledge instead of a gallery wall. It is useful, because you can easy switch out the contents of frames, or add few pieces there like plates or plants.
  8. Pillows, many pillows. If you want to create Scandinavian living room design you won’t have too many pillows. Choose shades of gray, black or white or some other color that catches your eye and puts such pillows to your stylish apartment.
8 Magical Scandinavian Living Room Furniture Ideas for Interior Design updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White
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