Shape Shelves With Geometric Designs: 6 Fine Steps to Make

Honeycomb Storage Shelves

Modern interiors are perfectly viewed with geometric designs of shape shelves, besides they are too versatile and can decorate any usual settings. For example honeycomb shelves look chic and beautiful and they are very easy to be made either. The main task is cutting the wood pieces at needed right angle.

There are many resources where it is described how to hang hexagon shape shelves. Designers like the way such shape shelves made in interesting design and shape so they could be combined and installed in perfect order to create the honeycomb pattern and many other varieties of designs to be the main point of the wall and a room in general.

All important information about hexagon storage shelves are described in special books as well. For instance they could be located because of the color combination. What do you think about pretty nice shade of turquoise that is well viewed on neutral color of wooden wall?

Lattice shelves show the versatility of geometric design best of all. They can be used as storage space for planters’ display areas, vases keeping, like bookshelves or even as key hanger for hallway. It is easy to make such storage from a sheet of Union Jack radiator cover, an adhesive (better to find industrial strength material), beautiful spray paint.

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Triangle shape shelves are also beautiful and not ordinary – all thanks to their simplicity. Designers propose many ways how to integrate such storage in room’s interior. Besides, it decorates any rustic, traditional or eclectic settings in the best way. Also such variant could be easily matched with different-sized shelves or have various proportions.

For sure, there are other designs that have more complex construction and general look. For example, pyramid shape shelves look pretty interesting in any interior. They are easy to create, all you need is just wooden material, a saw, a glue for a wood, timber nails (small size), polyurethane, needed color of acrylic paint, tape and sandpaper.

Wooden wall shelves design has also other shape such as circular ones that look very attractive and stand out in the room in simple but great way. Thus small details play an important role in any design project. But remember, such circular shape shelves could be just decorative elements; they cannot withstand a big weight.

Many designers think circular wall shelves take the interior design into new level. They transform basic interior design to a stylish and modern composition. Everything you need to create such shelf at home is only suede leather lace, quilting hoops, clamps, glue, basswood sheets. Find out the detailed descriptions about the project and realize it!

How to Make Modern Hanging Shape Shelves

  1. Usually hanging shape shelves are easy to create and realize. The simplest variant is represented as a wood board fixed on the wall with two lather strips. Such project is very simple to build and this is a question why you did not do it earlier. You may need a leather strip, wooden material, ribbed plastic anchors, spray paint of favorite color, painter’s tape, a drill. First paint all details with spray paint, drill holes in leather strips, and just screw these strips to the board.
  2. There are also other variants of hanging boards in magazines, internet and other resources. For example, you can use few PVC pipes or other bars or rods. These will play the role of a base of a shelf. For hanging the construction on the wall you will need a rope and hooks that should be installed there earlier.
  3. One more simple and creative design for hanging shelf you can also find in special magazines everybody can find. Thus you can use wood beads and make the design chic and original. For this project you will need wood board, four beads from a wood, ropes, twine and string, and two hooks fixed on the wall.
  4. Have you ever seen the shelf from a box? This idea is very ingenious and simple as well. Take a wooden box, some nice paint, rope, a drill and a paint brush. First you should drill holes on every side of the box, then thread the rope through holes and tie knots on each end. Paint the whole construction and hang the shelf on a wall.
  5. In addition, you can group two or more shape shelves in one general storage look as a cupboard. This shape shelves will look stylish and can give more storage space in any apartment. For making this take a rope, wooden boards, a drill, paints, and two hooks. Make the holes in boards and thread the rope ends through them, make a knot under each board. After this thread the rope through the bottom board and fix it by a knot.
  6. Instead the ropes you can use belt straps and create versatile and nice design that will fit for many projects. For instance, locate two similar shape shelves one under another and mix the great duo on your wall.
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Shape Shelves With Geometric Designs: 6 Fine Steps to Make updated: July 25, 2020 by author: Ana White

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