Sleek Designs Ideas With Live Wood Edge Tables for Dining Room

Dining Room With Live Edge Wood Table And Wallpaper Gold Accents

No matter which type of live-edge furniture you choose, it is always essentially sculptural, unique and definitely stands out. Most often, it suits best in rustic decors, but you might take a challenge and try to pair it with contemporary room decors. No matter how they are sliced, live wood edge tables always look adequate and appropriate.

When planning the décor of the room, do not forget about unique shape of the table and take advantage of it. Here are several examples how to do this.

  • The asymmetry of modern live-edge dining tables is always a plus. It’s raw beauty makes a room unusual and very attractive.
  • Any living room, designed in 18th century style, with a bit of subtle modernist appeal will look even more unique if you put there wood live-edge table and chairs that consists of two pieces which are connected with each other like a puzzle.
  • Live-edge bar counter complemented by green accents will have charming and totally organic look.
  • Another option is to complement a kitchen island, which at the same time serves as a bar, with live-edge countertop. Complete the interior with a robust base and wood paneled walls and ceiling. This way the design will be balanced and your kitchen will have an intriguing look.
  • In order to take maximum advantage of the live-edge buffet, try to choose sofa or any other piece of furniture that will show sleek curves like the buffet does.
  • Choosing eye-catching accent elements for the dining room, e.g. light fixtures, you can enhance the sculptural allure offered by new live-edge table.
  • Some models of tables have such an intriguing forms, that they catch an eye and do not need additional accents to be added.
  • Sometimes you might find tables which do not hide places where the pieces of wood meet. The idea of such models is to show the wood grain and its uniqueness.
  • The great idea is to make a dining table from a salvaged fallen tree. Mill a massive slab from the tree so that the wood grain forms stripes of the surface of the slab. Additionally choose striped upholstery for chairs in order to get the best result.

  • There are many custom-designed live-edge tables, which perfectly feature almost any type of interior designs. one of such models can make the process of interior planning much easier.
  • Being properly complemented, live-edge hall table can gracefully fit in any design. Hang a light fixture over the table and put contemporary chairs around it. it will definitely attract the attention.
  • Choosing dark wood tone for your table, do not forget to combine it with some other natural materials. Thus, nature will showcase its beauty and you will not have to go outdoors to enjoy it.
  • Live-edge table perfectly stands out itself. But, sometimes it might be appropriate to add several more eye-catching elements to the décor. Consider purchasing of a new chandelier, changing wallpaper or hanging an artwork on the wall.

Sleek Designs Ideas With Live Wood Edge Tables for Dining Room updated: March 2, 2017 by author: Linda Carpenter
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