13 Fascinating Solid Rustic Furniture Designs For Living Room Interior

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Wood has always been a beautiful addition to any home décor, for example solid rustic furniture, and will never go out of style. Designers and artists are never tired to come up with new ideas complementing contemporary décor trends.

Recently, International Design Show took place in Toronto, and here are some pieces of solid rustic furniture, made by contemporary designers, that were a part of this show.

Solid Rustic Furniture Design Ideas

  1. Creative solid rustic furniture designer from Toronto, Brittany McDougall showed her handmade chair. Like all her designs, this chair is modern, asymmetrical and follows her main rule about use of negative color and shapes. The construction of its frame is angular and geometric.
  2. Coolican & Company’s solid wood solid rustic furniture is not produced in large quantities. Each piece is made in limited run. They select only strongest boards and thoroughly hand-rub their pieces of art. Presented by them on the show solid rustic furniture is another confirmation of this fact.
  3. Christopher Solar, unique designer of clean-lined solid rustic furniture showed his drum tables. They represent a successful combination of wood and resin. Hundreds of white oak slats are molded together with white resin. Natural color combines with white resin lines and creates the cylinders.

  4. Canadian Green Design offered many different wonderful things, but their live edge wine rack was totally amazing. This is a lie edge wood slice with rope pieces serving as holders for wine bottles.
  5. Brothers Dressler presented one of the best rustic table designs suiting almost any kitchen, dining room or even patio. It has extremely natural look because it is live edged and perfectly finished.
  6. Olga Oreshyna, woodworking artist from Canada, usually creates unique wall pieces using only abandoned wood wastes. Her sculptures reflect her words about making our environment less fragile, but more beautiful and healthy.
  7. Craig Dean, a designer and woodworker from Dente Custom Design presented several his unique works. He does not just make rustic wooden table and chairs. His works are something more than that. For example, his console that is hold by numerous thin legs, or a dining table that has holders for chopsticks and make you feel zen when you are looking at it, or the unsurpassed coffee table with a base made of gold bars.

  8. The team of husband and wife, presenting their Junction Wood+Metal company, displayed one of the most natural rustic table designs. its uniqueness lies in using imperfect wood slab of organic shape.
  9. The next participant was Hamilton Holmes Woodworking. They invented a low coffee table with a modern shape that anyway will fit different types of rustic pine chairs or any other pieces of solid rustic furniture you could want to combine it with.
  10. Martin Vendryes attracted everybody’s attention with the Modern Ming Chair. Initially this item was designed specially for a client to be matched with a certain dining table. Now you can order from him the same design of rustic pine chairs or armchairs. Moreover they can be performed in 11 more different woods.
  11. MetalWood Studio displayed unrepeatable pieces. Live-edge solid rustic furniture is always unique and beautiful, but after adding bright-colored resin it becomes even more awesome. This is what these guys did with their coffee table and many other showpieces.
  12. Storyboard Furniture presented their amazing lamp made of wood and paper. It is not big sized but has a pretty complex construction. It’s cuboctahedral shape is reached with the help of eleven paper pieces and thirty six wood pieces. Its framework is an ash wood and pieces of paper with leaf-shaped cutouts form the skin.
  13. Except rustic wooden tables and chairs, different accessories were displayed as well. For example majestic bowl, showing the natural beauty of wood, its dramatic coloration and purposely left natural bark.
13 Fascinating Solid Rustic Furniture Designs For Living Room Interior updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White
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