8 Universal Solid Wood Top Coffee Table Options for Living Room Decor

Borghese Table

The easiest way to choose best solid wood top coffee table is to go to the nearest store and pick one of pieces offered there. On the other hand, this way of choosing may result in missing best coffee tables with coolest design, which might change your interior to the better.

Of course, to find the best piece ever, you should do some research. Here are several options of living coffee tables, and probably one of them is your perfect fit.

Solid Wood Top Coffee Table Ideas for Living Room

  • Design of this piece was inspired by Villa Borghese gardens situated in Rome, to be more precise, by growing there stone pines. It consists of several little tables of unique forms that can be matched and mixed as you like. Creating different compositions you may change the functionality of the item. This collection consists of three separate items that feature a metal frame resembling tree branches, and each frame supports three wooden tops each of which has individual form.
  • It is a solid wood top coffee table that has more complex look than you can notice from the first sight. At first, it may seem to be another dull round coffee table with a marble top, but after a while you will notice a shadow. And here is a second part of this piece – one more top placed underneath which mirrors the first one. This stylish duo is hard to be passed by.
  • Here is round dark wood coffee table you might have been dreaming about. It has elegant, simple and practical design. It consists of solid wood pedestal base and a round wooden top that has a lip made to prevent falling and rolling over of different items. Actually, Rodan goes in three variations: white oiled oak, black stained ash and black American walnut. Don’t you think that round dark wood coffee table will have the most luxurious look in any modern decor?

  • It is an item with ceramic top and raw steel base finished with oil. It is low and has rectangular shape. So, if you put together two pieces you will get the perfect solid wood top coffee table for the sitting area. It’s pretty simple design inspires owners to search original ways of decorating it. It might be planters, terrariums, sculptures or decorative bowls.
  • If you are one of those people who like mixing materials, textures and finishes in the home décor, then Juniper is one of the best small coffee tables for you. It has practical and attractive design. It is kind of a puzzle which consists of several wood veneer, synthetic leather and metal pieces, put together.
  • This item’s main feature is uniqueness of solid wood top coffee table. Each its top is a slice of a certain tree, and as a result you may see each its beautiful ring and layer.

  • Alburni is a series of unique models with solid wood top coffee table. Each solid wood top coffee table from series has irregular shape and stands on slim black steel base. Smaller pieces may be used as a side coffee table set, and bigger ones will go as simple coffee table.
  • Triku – set of solid oak coffee tables. These three coffee tables have round tops and tripod bases. Each item in the set has different shape and size, that’s why they can be used both, as a trio or separately. This side coffee table set is the perfect match for almost any place. Use them in groups of three of two, but first do not forget to consider the room’s layout and free space that you want to furnish. By the way, the designer of this lovely trio is Samuel Accoceberry.
8 Universal Solid Wood Top Coffee Table Options for Living Room Decor updated: June 10, 2021 by author: Ana White
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