8 Brilliant Models of Stylish Living Room Storage

Frame Boxed Storage With Open Shelves

The owners of stylish living room storage space often have a real struggle between making it beautiful and functional as well. Actually, the furniture must have enough storage for keeping staff, and being original, well-proportioned, and matching with other pieces and décor in the room. Looking for perfect storage pieces for a living room is not a difficult task if you do realize what you want.

Models of Stylish Living Room Storage

For modern spaces diversity is popular, actually, rooms that need only one type for storage are nonexistent. Most often, we can see the combination of open and closed shelves, storage containers for the living room and compartments. For instance, the Dixon made from American hard black walnut or white oak is a construction that places on the wall or has a function of space divider.

Also, it is important to think carefully about modularity in the stylish living room storage. Konstantin Slawinski represents the YU series with a lot of shelves and storage systems which can be originally mixed as an owner wants, and fit perfectly with various décor, colors and styles in the space.

Contemporary living room cabinets realized a mix of open and closed shelves are the perfect variant if you have some items that need to be displayed and some things that must be kept out and private. For instance, choose four box-like pieces made asymmetrically and few shelves. The original combination and the elements’ placements make such a set unique and cozy.

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There is also interesting complete working area with a laptop table, storage and a tabletop called as Filou. It does not look like your typical desk or working area, it stands out. Pay attention on this model if you do not work at home often or you just need some place to check your emails, keep your laptop or tablet.

The Frisco is a modern and traditional stylish living room storage. This piece has a geometric design that must be the both: functional and beautiful. It proves that simplicity can be original. People like this design because modules are realized in various sizes, shapes and height, thus each of them is unique and cool.

If you have not already known, industrial-looking pieces of furniture can be used not only for warehouse areas, stores and similar environments. For example, the Muscari is a wall cabinet design living room represented in industrial style, has worn finishes and accents. It looks practical and has a lot of storage.

If you prefer a bohemian setting choose something like Cascais – the model of simple furniture. This unit is realized in a variety of finishes, so it is easy to be adapted to any stylish living room storage. The construction is simple and made of iron, steel or nickel with the shelves covered with lacquer or veneer.

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The Bilbao sideboard is a symmetrical piece with original placement of the door handles. Such a cabinet is simple, elegant and the best stylish living room storage with stylish grain lines. Details are made from different materials: iron, steel, nickel, brass or copper.

8 Brilliant Models of Stylish Living Room Storage updated: June 6, 2021 by author: Ana White

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